Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Won’t Take Your Case

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Sometimes even after meeting with a personal injury lawyer, they can turn you down. In all the commercials and advertisements, they claim that you are entitled to justice.

So why won’t they help?

Why do they turn you down?

These unanswered questions have led many clients to frustration, anger, and feeling victimized.

Different lawyers have differing standards for the cases they are willing to take. Some don’t have the time or resources to handle your case. No lawyer wants to tell a client they have a bad case, so when pressured for an explanation, they give generic or no reasons. It’s best to seek different opinions from various personal injury attorneys such as the California Personal Injury Attorneys even after several rejections.

If you still cannot find a lawyer after consulting with several of them, here are some reasons as to why no one will take your case.

Risk vs. Reward factor

Personal injury lawyers work on contingency fees. This means they use their own money to file claims. If you lose, they lose. The anticipated time it would take, the cost of bringing in the claim and risk involved are factors they consider before deciding whether to take on a case.


If liability is not clear, then chances for settling the case are low. Sometimes liability seems clear to the client even when it is not. The less clear liability is, the higher the risk of investment to the lawyer, which makes finding a lawyer even harder.

Insurance coverage

Although your injuries might be severe, if the one responsible is uninsured, there is little economic value to suing them. For cases where getting compensation is hard, lawyers will choose not to take the case.

How severe your injuries are

It does not matter how badly the other party acted. If there are no injuries, there is no case. If you are not physically hurt, you do not need a personal injury lawyer. The value of a personal injury case is the nature and extent of the injuries.

Insufficient evidence

If you claim to be a victim of a hit and run and there is no evidence to back it up, then chances are you don’t have a case. For a claim to be successful, there should be clear evidence such as a witness or video that substantiates your claim.

Statute of limitations

There are strict time limits set on bringing in cases. If you take too long to visit a lawyer and file your case they might not be able to help. If the statute of limitations is close to or has expired, no lawyer can help you.

Unrealistic expectations of the Client

Personal lawyers take on cases that will make them the most profit. Many cases are settled before they get to court because trials can be tricky and cause both sides trouble. Before a lawyer takes on your case, they must know what your goal is.

These are some of the reasons why your case might have been dropped. Every personal injury lawyer has their considerations to make, so always seek a second opinion if your first lawyer turns you down.

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