The Best Time to Visit Disney World and How to Get There

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If you have been following this series, you have already set your budget and decided on your hotel for your Disney World vacation.  Today we are going to discuss when to go and how to get there.

Certain times of year are not only busier but also more expensive at Disney World.  The busiest and most expensive times of year are during the summer (when most kids are out of school and most families go on vacation) and Christmas.  The least crowded and least expensive times of year are usually in February and September.  If you have school age children and cannot travel during the school year, consider going during spring or fall break.  The weather is milder than it is during the summer, crowds are moderate, and you will not be paying the premium summer prices.

Your next step will be to determine how you are getting to Disney World.  The two most popular choices are flying or driving.  If you are flying, sign up for email alerts from JetBlue and Southwest.  Watch for discounts and specials.  If you are lucky, you might be able to snag a flight for as low as $50!  If you do fly, remember that Disney offers a free Magical Express shuttle to and from Orlando International Airport for guests staying on the Disney property.  If you do not stay on the Disney property, you will need to make arrangements for either a rental car or shuttle transportation to take you to your hotel.  Don’t forget to add baggage fees and hotel parking fees into your budget!

If you are driving, make sure all maintenance on your car is up to date.  This includes properly inflated tires, oil change, tires rotates and balanced, etc.  If your local grocery stores offer any gas incentives, take advantage of them!  I live just south of Nashville, TN.  For my family of 5, it was much less expensive for us to make the 12 hour drive than it was to fly to Orlando.  Throughout the year, I bought gas gift cards at Publix when they offered $10.00 off a gas gift card when you purchased $50.00 in groceries.  Kroger also offered four times fuel points when you purchased select gift cards throughout the year.  (*Editor’s Note:  If you’re in Pittsburgh, Giant Eagle and Shop’n’Save have similar programs.)  By combining fuel points and gift cards, we only spent about $150.00 in gas round trip.  If you drive, be sure to pack snacks and drinks and to budget for food and toll roads (or map out your trip to avoid the toll roads).

Do you guys have any other tips or tricks for when to go or traveling to Disney World?  I would love to hear them!

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