Femme Frugality is appreciative of having been mentioned or featured in the press and on some pretty popular sites. Check out the virtual clippings below.

Rockstar Finance Once, Twice and Thrice. Honored the first time. Humbled the second and third. Validated the fourth.
Lifehacker Overestimate Your Spending to Build a Better Budget, What to Do When Your Spouse is Bad with Money, The Most Common Budgeting Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)
The Globe and Mail Carrick best reads: Tips for single female homebuyers
Bridal Guide Wedding Tip of the Day, July 2nd, 2014
Mashable 15 tips on turning your finances around in 2015 What Do New FICO Changes Mean for Me?
The Huffington Post 11 Secrets of Holiday Super Shoppers
Credit Sesame These Millennials Got Divorced, and Reveal Their Biggest Money Regret
13 Overlooked Ways That Toddlers Cost Their Parents Big Money
Yahoo News
Got a Baby and a Small Business? Here Are a Few Ways to Avoid Sleep Deprivation
Gizmodo En Espanol
Los errores más comunes al gestionar tus gastos y cómo puedes arreglarlos
The Balance Need to Come Up With Some Cash Quick? Here’s Where to Look.
MSN Money As a millennial, I was terrified of the stock market–how I overcame my fears.
GOBankingRates Why I’m Switching to SRI Index Funds
Is the Gender Wage Gap a Myth or a Reality?
Pittsburgh Parent Financial Facts for Funding Adoption, The Costs of Autism
Kidsburgh 5 best mommy blogs in Pittsburgh

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