Ms. Frizzle Comes to The Burgh: Holiday Ticket Giveaway!

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Who else grew up with Ms. Frizzle and her class on PBS — ironically right around when you got home from school?

All kids love the idea of baking soda volcanoes and raising caterpillars into butterflies. But I distinctly remember the Magic School Bus traveling into the human blood stream, rocketing out toward Pluto and submerging deep into the sea.

I was fortunate to have mostly wonderful teachers as I made my way through K-12. But I definitely learned a lot of extra cool stuff about science through watching that show and reading those books. I did real well on that portion of the ACT.

Thanks, Ms. Frizzle.

Next Gen Magic School Bus Lovers

Netflix just happens to have the Magic School Bus available, along with their own revamp. I’ve gotten to watch (and read) some of my classic faves with my own kids. I’ve gotten to enjoy the new series with them for the first time.

It’s a cool thing.

I’m super excited because now we’re going to enjoy the Magic School Bus experience in a whole new medium: theater.

The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System comes to Pittsburgh

Okay, remember the episode where they’re hurtling towards Pluto?

This is it! On stage!

This is such a great classic to bring to the stage and everyone in our house is super psyched for it.

There are nine different showings at various venues in Southwestern Pennsylvania starting January 5, 2020 through January 12, 2020. Here are the details.

Holiday Ticket Giveaway!

Such great news, right?!

We’re giving away four (4) tickets to The Magic School Bus show. The giveaway starts today and runs through 11:59p on December 19, 2019. The goal is to have the winner be able to deliver the news to their family as a gift on whatever winter holiday they celebrate!

You’ll be able to select the date/time/location of your choice should you win. Enter using the widget below, and keep in mind that you can come back to claim many of them everyday for extra entries!

Happy holidays, and best of luck!

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