Is your hairdresser insured? They should be.

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As with any occupation or business that deals with care of the body, clients give their absolute trust to their hairdressers for the length of time that they are getting their hair done. A recent poll even found that more people trust their hairdresser than their priest! For this reason and to enable you to care for your clients, hopefully without anything going wrong, you need to get insurance cover.

To ensure the safety and continued existence of your hairdressing business and protection of your equipment from unforeseen eventualities, you need to have insurance. Insurance for hairdressers helps to cover the salon at times when things go wrong like theft of equipment, or injury to staff or clients. Also with the continuous use of electrical equipment, electrocution is a possible hazard. This is not discounting damage of client’s hair!

You need to get salon insurance for your business.  This is because your best efforts at maintaining a happy customer base might be undermined by one mishap. One single mistake or equipment malfunction can lead to a series of legal tussles which can be financially debilitating for a small business such as yours.

Hairdresser insurance policy details

Hairdresser policy details vary and every hairdresser should study and understand the offerings of the insurance package they intend to use. The employees in the salon that the insurance should cover majorly are; colourists, shampoo technicians, hairdressers, barbers, hair stylists, salon assistant, receptionist, manager and salon owner.

Is general insurance advisable?

Though sometimes hairdressers and salons get general insurance, it is advisable to have specific comprehensive hairdresser insurance just for your salon. Insurance should cover hair and beauty consultants, hairdressing salons, barber shops, hair and beauty salons and freelance self-employed and mobile barbers and hairdressers. It should also cover the different hair dressing activities. Some of the activities that typically take place in a salon include; hair cutting, shampooing, trimming, styling, blow wave, colouring, designing, tinting, restocking supplies, sweeping the salon/space, advertising and promotions.

Hair dressing insurance is relatively flexible and you can get to choose what should and shouldn’t be included in your insurance. You have the option to choose:

  • Shop Insurance, this covers; public liability insurance, buildings insurance, treatment cover, business interruption cover, walk away cover, business equipment’s cover, legal expenses cover, contents cover and employers’ liability cover.
  • Business Insurance, this covers; public liability, professional indemnity and employers’ liability.

Most of the time, the type of insurance you choose for your business is dependent on work related factors like where your business is located, the size of your business and the number of staff. The bottom line, however, is that you can’t afford to run your salon without a well-tailored policy.

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