Resources for Parents of Special Needs Children

Thanks so much for listening to my thoughts on personal finances when you’re raising a special needs child!

As promised, here is where you can signup to get your FREE copy of the Medicaid guide:


I also wanted to let you know about a book I wrote, which includes an entire chapter on dealing with disability and personal finances:

Additional Free Resources

Femme Frugality features content around personal finance and disability a decent bit. Here are some past articles that should be helpful to you as a parent!

Resources You’ll Want to Bookmark

  • 2014 CMS Letter for Autistic Children: This letter mandated that states must cover Autistic children under state Medicaid plan. It is not equally enforced across state lines, and can be used in appeals with insurance companies. Especially when they’re denying behavioral health coverage.
  • States with ABLE Accounts: Just because your state doesn’t offer an ABLE account doesn’t mean all is lost. Many plans allow you to purchase across state lines!
  • Find your state’s vocational rehabilitation office. Definitely read the post in the above section, but if you want to find direct contact information, this link will give it to you.

More Questions

Have specific questions or just need to talk to someone who’s living a similar lifestyle? I’d absolutely love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at femmefrugality {at} gmail {dot} com.

Keep going, Mom! Even on the days when you don’t feel like it, you are amazing.