Your Engagement Photoshoot Guide While Keeping a Budget in Mind

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Great tips to get your wedding engagement photo session on a budget but still beautiful.

An engagement photoshoot is the perfect way for you and your fiancé to highlight the love you have for each other. Posing in front of the camera, looking into each others’ eyes and smiling an hour away can be just what you need to begin a positive wedding planning process. Thinking about the amount of time, effort and money it takes to prepare for a wedding could lead to you and your partner placing your engagement celebration on the back burner. Remember, this moment is worth cherishing and should be more than just the actual proposal– and an intimate photo session is just the perfect way to honor it. Here are some valuable tips to consider when planning an engagement photoshoot on a budget.

Do Some Research

Searching for the perfect engagement photographer can be difficult and time-consuming if you aren’t prepared with a list of questions to ask about their service. If you have a specific theme, moment or detail you want to incorporate into the photo session, it is important to run those by them. The more requests you share, the better the feedback you’ll receive about their ability to accommodate your needs and wants. Once you’ve scheduled a time to meet up, ask them about their pricing list. Do they charge per hour? How many pictures will you recieve for the given price? Knowing the specifics will give you a clear understanding of how greatly you’re sticking to your budget.

Evaluate Your Current Expenses

Along with the additional costs that will come with a wedding, it is important to divide your current expenses to determine how much you should spend on engagement photos. In order to save as much as you can for your actual wedding, create a budget that includes your engagement session so you see how much money you have left over. Worst case scenario, you can use a personal loan to afford the cost of your engagement pictures to avoid a stressful situation. There is nothing worse than having a pre-wedding financial disaster, especially on something that is supposed to bring you happiness. Though, remember, that loan will have to be paid off, and you don’t want financial stress after the big day, either.

Look for Inexpensive Locations

The great news is that an engagement photoshoot does not have to be as over the top as you think. A great photographer can adapt to any scenery and make it work. To save money, explore local parks, or research inexpensive studios online. Depending on where you live, the location opportunities could be endless.

Look for Photographers with Discounts or Coupons

Before scheduling your session, it is important to look for discount codes or coupons that can decrease the price even more. Groupon is a great resource for finding local photographers in your area that offer a discount. If you find a photographer that you really connect with, see if they can give you a deal for booking them for both the engagement and wedding. This entails that the photographer will have steady work, so it is possible they will combine two discounts to drop the total price even more.

Consider Hiring a Talented Friend

If you’re having trouble finding an inexpensive photographer with years of expertise, consider asking a family member or close family friend to take your engagement photos. Many times, photographers charge by the amount of time they’ve been in the business and their experience with a certain type of photoshoot. Someone in your family may be just as talented and will except a small gift or cash as a way to compensate.



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