15 Unique White Elephant Gifts Under $25

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Wanna be the most popular person at this year’s white elephant party?

Let’s make that happen with some quirky, weird, and totally unique white elephant gifts for under $25 that allow you to win at gifting while still staying under budget.

Totally Unique White Elephant Gifts

These unique white elephant gifts are quirky enough to grab attention, but practical enough that everyone will want them!


1. Jellyfish Hanging Air Planters

Image of three planters hanging against a wall. All three are inverted, with cute, smiling jellyfish heads serving as the planters and with the plant coming out the bottom looking like jellyfish tentacles. Colors of jellyfish from left to right are purple, blue, and orange.

Price: $21.60
Where to buy: FunUsualSuspects

These hanging jellyfish air planters are adorbs! They come with the plant already in tact, and you can upgrade your order with some nutrient spray to keep it healthy and growing while still staying under $25.

2. Oh, look! More jellyfish air planters!

Hanging air planters. Inverted, with white-painted shells serving as the planter at the top, and the plant coming out the bottom looking like jellyfish tentacles.

Price: $19.95
Where to buy: RootBotanical

Okay, I couldn’t decide which jellyfish air planter to include because these were both pretty awesome. This one from RootBotanical is made from a real-life seashell, hand-painted white. They come in different sizes — the small and medium sizes keep you under $25, and the large option just barely breeches the limit at $26.95.

3. Scratch-Off Map Poster

Woman scratching off the gold on a foil map to reveal the countries underneath. Map background is white. Map is hanging above a desk.

Price: $23.99
Where to buy: MapsInternationalUSA

Any one who’s been on a Zoom call with me over the past 2 years knows how much I love my scratch-off map. Plenty of you have asked where you can get your own!

While this isn’t the exact scratch-off map I have, it is a slightly more affordable version that’s sure to be a hit at your white elephant gift exchange.

4. Cheesecake Candle

transparent glass plate and silverware sitting on lace tablecloth. On top of plate is a piece of cheesecake. If you look closely you can see a wick coming out of the top, revealing that it's actually a candle.

Price: $15.00
Where to buy: DessertAnyoneCandles

Give that cheesecake a second look. Do you see the wick coming out of the strawberries?

I KNOW! I thought it was real, edible food, too! There are tons of eye-deceiving options from DessertAnyoneCandles for your white elephant party, but the cheesecake was my fave.

5. State Scent CandleWhite candle in glass container. Pink label with flowers in background. In foreground is the outline of the state of New York in blue. Text reads 'Madame Flowers New York Adirondack Blossom 7.5 oz (212g) soy wax candle Made in Raleigh, NC'

Price: $22
Where to buy: MadameFlowers

Isn’t this a fun idea? MadameFlowers makes state-scented candles for a number of states. While New York Adirondack Blossoms is the one pictured here, there are also options for:

  • Washington state Columbia Mojito
  • Illinois Prairie Wildflower
  • Michigan Lakeshore Breeze
  • California Pacific Orchid
  • Virginia Skyline Flora
  • New Jersey Highland Garden
  • Georgia Forest Shade
  • Alabama Fairhope Orchard
  • Louisiana French Magnolia
  • Florida Citrus Sunrise
  • North Carolina Pine and Bayberry

If you’re a NC lover, there are also separate scents for various cities, like Wilmington, Asheville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Charlotte.

6. Dinosaur Mug

Three dinosaur mugs with gold leaf accent painted on. Green Brontosaurus mug, Orange t-rex mug, and blue stegosaurus mug.

Price: $24.64
Where to buy: letteroom

Equal parts quirky, cute, and usable-on-an-everyday-basis, these dino mugs make a great white elephant gift. Plus, you get ALL THREE for under $25.

While they’re definitely a great option for your budget, they do ship from the UK. So you’ll want to order earlier rather than later to get them in time for your event.

7. Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Small square wood base platform with rocks in the center. Flames coming out from the rocks with glass panels sticking up around them on all four sides.

Price: $17.60
Where to buy: 1Man1Garage

This tabletop fireplace looks so fancy! Yet it’s still well-below the $25 mark. Can pretty much promise you’ll be the only one who shows up with anything like it.


Funny White Elephant Gifts

Some of the best white elephant gifts are wonderfully weird and funny. Let’s check out some odd and hilarious options for this year’s party.

8. Sasquatch Candle

Candle in black metal container with faux foliage mixed in the top layer of wax. Walking through the 'landscape' of the candle is a toy big foot figurine.

Price: $17.99
Where to buy: BoWinston

HA! This sasquatch candle is just weird enough to be ridiculously popular at the white elephant gift exchange.

9. Socks with your face on them

rainbow striped socks with a man's face printed over

Price: $6.99
Where to buy: PersonalizationLab

These super quirky socks are either going to be a hit or a flop — depending on your personality and relationship with everyone else at the party.

You’ll actually upload a picture of YOUR OWN face to be printed on these custom socks. Whether they end up being the most popular gift everyone’s clamoring after or the one everyone’s trying to pass off on to somebody else, they’ll definitely leave people talking.


10. Bruce Willis White Elephant Gift

Three round wooden ornaments on white wood table. First ornament reads 'Welcome to the party pal' with image of bruce willis and police car etched in. Second reads 'Yipee-ki-yay' with image of Bruce Willis, watch, tv news mic, and helicopter etched in. Third ornament reads 'Now I have a machine gun ho ho ho' with image of limo and machine gun etched in

Price: $18.00
Where to buy: SalvageandSparkleNM

Get SUPER meta with your white elephant gift with these Bruce Willis ornaments. You can catch Bruce Willis in the White Elephant movie this year. (I know. Ha. Ha ha. Ha.)

Plus, your Bruce Willis white elephant gift will give everyone the opportunity to debate whether or not Die Hard is, in fact, a Christmas movie.

11. Christmas Coal Popcorn Stocking Stuffer

Small box of popcorn sitting on top of a knit Christmas stocking filled with popcorn. Box reads ' What is 'naughty' anyways? Dell Cove Spices & More Christmas Coal Popcorn Gourmet Black Popcorn Kernels Net Wt 16 oz (453.5g)'

Price: $10.00
Where to buy: dellcovespices

The perfect gift for when you’ve been naughty, but Santa doesn’t want to leave you completely empty-handed.

This gift looks kinda small (though it won’t look that way once it’s fully popped,) so you might want to pick up two of them if you’ve got a $25 budget.

Holiday-Themed White Elephant Gifts

I have this bin in my basement full of gifts to be regifted. Most of them are holiday-themed, because I get so many holiday decor gifts from random people and you can only really use so much of it.

In the past, I’ve brought these gifts to white elephant parties and real talk?

They’ve consistently been one of the most popular items. Apparently while I’m over-decored, other people just can’t get enough!

My gifts were $FREE.99 thanks to my pre-planning, but you can find plenty of popular holiday-themed white elephant gifts for under $25. Here are some cute options.

12. Christmas Potholder Set

Six red potholders filled with cookie mix and plastic spatula. Each potholder reads in white print (1) 'Christmas calories don't count.' (2) 'Have a sweet Christmas' (3) 'Baking Christmas Cheer' (4) 'We whisk you a Merry Christmas' (5) 'Baking Spirits Bright' (6) 'Tis the Season to Bake Cookies'

Price: $7.99
Where to buy: TheSpottedZebras

These super cute potholders come complete with spatula or whisk included.

The cookie mix isn’t, but at just $7.99, you have plenty of room left in your budget to pick some up at the grocery store.

13. Eggnog Candle

White candle in glass container. Red label reads 'Eggnog 12 oz 340g Handpoured in Texas'

Price: $16.00
Where to buy: WindingWickCandles

Scent can bring back so many memories. This great Eggnog candle from WindingWickCandles allows you to spread holiday cheer and stay well under budget.

14. Paper Lantern Stars

Dark night with tens of hanging paper lanterns shaped like stars in various colors lit up from the inside.

Price: $12.50
Where to buy: KuliTribe

Super pretty, right?!

These paper lanterns light up from the inside and come in eight different pattern options.

15. Christmas Gift Box

Gift box with shredded paper filler. Includes Wooden sign reading 'It's the most wonderful time of the year', fancy handsoap, a red 'tis the season' candle, a wooden 'Merry Christmas ornament' in the outline of an ornament, and faux plastic foliage with red berries and a pinecone

Price: $20.00
Where to buy: LDsavvyDesigns

Spread holiday cheer with this Christmas gift box! Included you’ll find a:

  • Wooden sign with holiday greetings.
  • Bath & Body Works foaming soap.
  • Holiday-scented candle.
  • Ornament.
  • Either a mistletoe bell or berry spray.


Okay, so these are some ideas for this year’s white elephant party. But I’m interested to hear, what have been your favorite gifts from white elephant parties past?


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