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Last weekend we had our second FinCon Local meetup for Pittsburgh. Claudia gave an A-MAZING presentation on SEO, and while we were there, we had the opportunity to tour Whetstone Workgroup.

Whetstone is a coworking space here in Pittsburgh, so if you’ve ever wondered what one of those looks like, watch the video below! You’ll be particularly interested if you’re a freelancing parent in the Burgh, as their drop-in childcare solves the particularly sticky daycare dilemma in an affordable way:

As Jessica mentioned in the video, childcare costs $6 per child per hour. There are tons of membership options—whether you have kids or not:

  • One time $75 admin fee to get members set up.
  • $125/month membership—Unlimited access to the workspace, plus a dedicated mailbox so you can skip the PO Box.
  • 12-Use Pass: $275—Good for people that need monthly meetings on a regular basis.
  • $25/day—Just need to use the space every once in a while? Pay as you go at $25/day.
  • Rent the big training room: $75 for a 2 hour training
  • Rent the private consult room: $50

To get in touch with Jessica, go to Whetstone Workgroup’s contact page. They also offer a ton of services, including access to commonly-used business software, administrative assistance, and consultation for freelancers who are just starting their business, or are looking for ways to grow.

They’re also putting on an exciting conference for those of you in the Pittsburgh area on April 1st. It’s all about those little things that add up to be big obstacles when you start working for yourself. I happen to be able to get  you a sick deal on tickets.

Have you ever used a coworking space as a freelancer? What has your experience been? How do you handle childcare? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Whetstone Workgroup Virtual Tour

  1. Esther

    I have never used a co-working space. A friend of mine is currently using one she finds super helpful in getting things done more quickly and also an opportunityt o chat with other people too.

    1. Femme

      The social aspect can be huge! Isolation is no good. I love how they have the cat people room and the dog people room for when you want to get more work done haha.

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