When Procrastination is Frugal: Free Shipping Day

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Reminds me of that Vandals song…

I can be a bit of a procrastinator.  Last year I was ordering the last of the Christmas gifts at the last minute when I found a reason to rejoice:  I just happened to stumble upon free shipping day.  (I usually buy presents throughout the year, but there’s always those last couple that seem to slip through the cracks.)

This year I’m seriously thinking about procrastinating on purpose.  If I wait until December 17 to place my order, I can get free shipping on any order to a crazy amount of retailers.  Seriously, everywhere I’ve ever thought to shop participates.  AND you’ll get all your stuff by Christmas Eve.  That’s almost better than the time frame they guarantee I get when I actually PAY outrageous  yet standard S&H fees.

There’s actually an entire website dedicated to this phenomenon.  It lists a bunch of retailers that participate and has an e-mail list that you can sign up for.  (You know, just in case your procrastinating self forgets that the big day is December 17.  Because then you’re screwed.)

Will you be procrastinating to save money on shipping?

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30 thoughts on “When Procrastination is Frugal: Free Shipping Day

  1. Tackling Our Debt

    I’m a big procrastinator as well, with too many things. Gotta love free shipping day. I use to order my blue jeans from Eddie Bauer online and tried to do it on those days. Happy Friday!!

  2. lil desiqua

    I am trying to get all my gifts by the middle of this month *fingers crossed* but this is a great website I totally forgot about! Depending on normal s&h prices, I may just wait it out!

  3. Emily @ evolvingPF

    Oh wow, getting the gifts picked out by Dec 17 is NOT procrastinating to me! That is early!

    Thanks for the tip about the free shipping, though. We have to ship all our (many, many) gifts this year as we are traveling over Christmas. We shop through amazon for SuperSaver shipping as much as possible but this is great for the gifts we can’t get through amazon.

    1. femmefrugality

      Haha the boyfriend (used to?) have a tradition where he and a family member would go out and finish their Christmas shopping on New Years Eve. Probably not the most frugal, but it WAS planned procrastinating. 🙂

  4. AverageJoe

    Ah! Cheryl’s family exchanges gifts at Thanksgiving because they’re scattered around the U.S. and only get together at that time. Could you work to get this changed to some day next week? That’d help me immensely. Thank you.

    1. femmefrugality

      I will do what I can.

      Which is pretty much nothing. :p

      That is a fun tradition, though. At least everyone gets to see each other and their recipient’s faces when they open up their goodies.

  5. MyMoneyDesign

    I’m loving your strategy, but I can’t bring myself to do it! The planner in me has caused me to buy all my Christmas presents in advance. No one left to buy for but the Mrs!


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