Visualize Your Goals. Achieve Your Goals.

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Goal setting is a smart thing to do.  It’s the first step in attaining success in many aspects of your life:  education, career, family, travel, retirement, owning a home…the list goes on.

Sometimes we list out what we want to achieve and then never do anything about it.  A great way to overcome this obstacle and slay your goals is to implement visualization.

Having your goals or progress in your face in a place you can see everyday will remind you what you’re working so hard to achieve.  Here are some ways to get them there.

Use Visualization to Slay Your Goals

Nurse Frugal used this cute poster to mark their progress in paying off their mortgage.  As they paid off each chunk, they removed one piece from the poster.  In just 28 months, they paid off the entire thing.

Visualize Your Goals with Progress Bars

A ton of bloggers use these progress bars to chart their progress towards paying off debt or building an emergency fund. There’s no reason you can’t do the same. You can either start a public blog to help keep you accountable, or build a private site for your own, personal use.

Every time you stash some money away or pay off a chunk of debt, update it. I’d go so far as screenshotting every progress update and setting it as the wallpaper on my phone or computer.

Many banking apps now allow you to do the same exact thing. Play around with yours to see if you can’t get that constant reminder of your goals and progress to pop up every time you log in.

Use a Vision Board

swimming tulum ruins

A few years ago, some of my goals were to graduate on time despite giving birth in my final semester, travel somewhere tropical and save for a down payment on a home. I used a vision board to help me get closer to these goals.

I finished my educational endeavors on time, and we went to Tulum on our honeymoon. Still working on the down payment, but two out of three isn’t a bad track record at all.

Your vision board can be super fancy and computer-generated, or pictures you literally paste onto a piece of poster board.  The important thing is to have fun creating it and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Some people believe that visualization is the first–though not only–step in attaining something; that you can’t achieve it without seeing it and allowing yourself to truly believe it.  I’m on board that ship. Hopefully it will port in front of a single-family home in the near future.

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11 thoughts on “Visualize Your Goals. Achieve Your Goals.


    I have never made a vision board, although the idea has crossed my mind. Growing up in a very rich town in a family that wasn’t even close to being rich–or at times middle class– provided all the visualization I needed. Friends houses were huge, newer, their cars were luxury, their vacation homes, and general privileged lifestyles were daily reminders that I wanted to be successful.

  2. CT - Cashtastrophe

    I would love to be on that beach with a margarita right now! I love visualizing my goals.

  3. Ms. S

    Thanks for the mention, femme! I am certainly a visual person as well. I have a vision board too that needs a bit of updating. I’m sure you will accomplish your goals. You are so resourceful. I agree, do what works and keep you motivated.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. canadianbudgetbinder

    We didn’t really use anything visual unless you count the budget visual. I follow Nurse Frugal and love their mortgage updates. I thought the board was a brilliant idea and certainly motivates the two of them to keep doing what they are doing. You are right they are doing awesome as well!!! Great post!


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