Valentine’s Day Savings

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Valentine's Day Savings

Valentine’s Day is a week away.  One week.  For all of you procrastinator’s out there, that’s not a lot of time.  When we run out of time, we generally lose the ability to shop for the best deals and steals.  Not that that’s what Valentine’s Day should be all about, but sometimes getting romantic can get expensive.

No need to panic.  There are still some solid ways to save out there.  Just make sure you hop on them quick!

1.  Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are great, especially for moms.  I know one thing I love is those necklaces/bracelets with birthstones for each of my kids.  We got one for the mother-in-law last year with the birthstones for all of her grandchildren, and she wears it everyday.  Don’t have kids?  There are plenty of couples options out there for personalized women’s jewelry for couples, too.

For dads and husbands  you can go more along the lines of engraved cocktail glasses and beer steins (das Boot anyone?)  Another option I love is getting a personalized keepsake box, and throwing old ticket stubs, photos, and other relationship memories in there for him.

While those things can be bought on a budget, promo codes are going to be your best friend when you’re shopping for them online last minute.  You can find some great ones for Personalized Creations here, including free shipping.

2.  Flowers

If there was ever a Valentine’s Day fallback, it’s flowers.  Get them something awesome, and they’re likely to forget or not even care that the night didn’t start off with a dozen roses.  But get them nothing and  forget the flowers?  You’re screwed.

Florists are booking quickly, so hop on this idea ASAP if you’re still at a loss for anything else to do.  When you do, once again promo codes are going to hook you up with  some serious savings.  Like this one for 25% off your Valentine’s Day order.  Combine them with sales and you have a recipe for frugal floral shopping.

Want to amp this option up a little bit?  Either have it delivered to their place of work (everyone likes being appreciated in front of their peers,) or attach a note to each stem, each one professing a different reason they are your “one.”

3.  Don’t Buy Anything

Now, I’m not saying don’t do anything.  Just don’t buy anything.  Sometimes the most romantic gifts we could give are free.  They require a lot of thought, and a little bit of planning.  If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out #3 and #4 on this list.

If, however, you know yourself, and know you can’t be creative enough to get something that romantic put together in the next seven days, default to flowers.  I cannot say this enough:  if you’ve got nothing, you can’t forget the flowers.


Have you finished your Valentine’s Day shopping yet?  What are your favorite ways to save on February 14th?




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