Tips for Maintaining Your Home So You Don’t End Up with Huge, Costly Issues

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When you’re a homeowner, there are regular costs to fit into your budget, such as monthly mortgage payments, various types of insurances, and repairs. However, while you want to save money and avoid putting your hard-earned savings into thing after thing when it comes to your home, keep in mind that you must complete maintenance throughout the year, every year, to keep things in order.

By sorting out maintenance tasks on a regular basis, and not leaving things unchecked for years, you will save yourself money, time and energy in the long run. Many people avoid doing maintenance jobs as they want to be frugal, but then find this backfires when they have to replace whole roofs, walls, floors, pipes or other areas because of a lack of maintenance.

To help you avoid this situation, read on for some top tips for maintaining your home this year and in future ones so you don’t end up with huge, costly issues on your hands.

Maintain HVAC Systems

One of the key things to stay on top of is your heating and cooling system maintenance. HVAC devices can be incredibly expensive to repair if major issues are found (and sometimes it can even be cheaper to replace units altogether), so it’s wise to do an annual or twice-per-year inspection to pick up potential problems ASAP.

Start by cleaning and replacing the filters in your heating and cooling units. The best time of year for this job is usually spring or fall, so that the machines will work more efficiently in summer and winter when you’re likely to be using them many more hours per day.

While a lot of people are comfortable doing the filter job themselves, for anything more intensive it’s a good idea to bring in an expert, such as these Atlanta HVAC contractors. In particular, if you notice cold spots in areas of your house, or if you hear any strange noises coming from the heating/cooling vents, you may have a ventilation issue, which will need to be examined by a professional. In addition, have a contractor check the condensation hose on your air-con annually to be sure water flows adequately from the line.

Pick Up on Pest Infestations ASAP

Pest infestations can be a big issue if they’re not picked up on quickly. Termites, especially, pose a risk as they can cause significant damage to the structure of your property and internal walls and doors, amongst other things. It’s easy for nests to both form and grow in a short timeframe, so have a pest inspector come to check the inside and outside of your home (including under the house and in the roof) annually.

There are some signs you can spot which indicate termites or other pests could be encroaching on your property, such as cracks and bubbles in paint and thin mud tubes on walls, but by the time you see these signs you’re actually likely to have quite a bit of damage to contend with. If you keep up with inspections, though, you should be able to avoid this situation.

Clean Out Gutters

It’s not a job that’s fun or quick to do, but regardless every homeowner needs to ensure their house’s gutters are cleaned out throughout the year. This should be done annually at a minimum, but it’s usually better to get the job sorted quarterly or at a minimum twice per year. If you don’t want to do the task yourself, ask a plumber or gardener or other qualified contractor to take care of it for you.

Cleaning gutters out is imperative because it gets rid of ice dams and icicles which can form and then melt and pool up, leading to rust and holes. The job can be completed with simply a leaf blower and a rake and bucket. Professionals often have more intensive equipment on hand to help them get through the work sooner.

Check the Roof

One job for your maintenance to-do list is checking the roof of your home. It’s not something you probably think about often, but because the roof has to cope with all sorts of weather, it can wear down over time and be damaged from extreme climate or even plants (such as creepers and vines) and animals.

Tiles and shingles may break, and any exposed areas can open up. This creates leaks and holes which can get into the inside of your home and cause further damage. Unless you’re trained in roofing, it’s best to hire a professional who can come and check the roof for issues and make repairs as needed. An annual inspection is fine for most properties.


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  1. Jules

    Perfectly timed tips for me – just recently became a homeowners and am still coming to terms with all the seemingly little costs that have added up to the most expensive Q1 of spending of my LIFE! lol.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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