This College is Giving Away 4 Year Tuition to All of Its Students

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 In 2008, Antioch college in Yellow Springs, Ohio closed after a 156 year run.  Its alumni were not about to let it stay that way.  They reopened their doors this past fall, and made quite the announcement for its students over the next four years:  every student will get their full 4-year tuition absolutely free.

How is that possible?
An endowment fund.  It saw an incredible upturn, and as a result, the school is offering free tuition under the name of Horace Mann Fellowships.  (Horace Mann was their first president.)  To make a long story short, a company they owned  a ton of shares in recently got sold for a lot of money.  This is sure to not only bring students in, but also give Antioch their choice of the absolute brightest and most creative students out there.

What do they teach at Antioch?
Antioch is a small liberal arts college.  You can major in arts (studying performance along with 2D and 3D art,) humanities (with a concentration in history, philosophy, or literature,) environmental sciences, health sciences, anthropology, social psychology, or political economy.

How do I get the fellowship?
The good news:  all you have to do is apply.  Literally every one of their accepted students will receive the fellowship.
The bad news:  the class that entered in 2011 is 35 students.  Total.  I wasn’t kidding when I told you this place is small.  They project the class that will enter this fall to be 75 students.  And the deadline to apply for the fall has already passed.  Small acceptance numbers plus a promise of zero tuition almost guarantees that you’ll have some major competition.  But if you can get accepted, the classes that will enter in 2013 and 2014 will also benefit from the Horace Mann Fellowship.  And I think that if you like the school’s academics, that makes it worth applying.

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3 thoughts on “This College is Giving Away 4 Year Tuition to All of Its Students

  1. Devon Riesenberg

    Thanks for visiting my little blog today 🙂
    What an inspiring post! What a beyond generous gift from those alumni…I need to make a contribution now to my alma mater, now I feel guilty!

  2. More Than Mommies

    This is amazing! I’m still paying student loans and I am 13 years out of college (UGH!) I can’t even imagine the burdon that will be lifted from those students. I hope they don’t take it for granted!! 🙂 Thanks for linking up at More Than Mommies. Our tiny carnival will happen every week. So we hope you will come back and link up again! All the best!

  3. femmefrugality

    No problem, guys! I had fun participating in the linky party with both of you!

    Devon–I am excited to read your jet-set-go series! It is a great gift…a huge chunk of it came from a good investment on the school’s part, but helping out your alma mater is never a bad thing! This school wouldn’t even be open to grant the fellowships if it weren’t for its almuni!

    More Than Mommies–Thanks for sharing this article on fb! It is amazing…isn’t it? Highly competitive, but for all the right reasons. Hopefully some deserving kids that wouldn’t have otherwise gotten a chance at this type of education due to their economical background can take advantage of it. But may the most qualified be admitted!


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