There’s No Luck of the Irish Behind the Wheel

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I’ve posted similar articles on Halloween and New Years.  Sorry if it gets repetitive.  But it’s that important to me that you don’t drink and drive.

The most eclectic St. Patty’s Day Parade I’ve ever been to was
one I just happened upon in Raleigh, NC.

FIRST!  HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!  It’s a fun holiday and I don’t mean to cast a dark shadow on it.  Parades and green clothes and possibly green beer?  Oh, and lots and lots of Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly.  For these drinking holidays I always post this great frugal drinking article:  this author interviews her bartender friend and lets you in on all the ways you can drink well for cheap.

The Frugal Drinking Article

Now on to the more somber part of the post.  Don’t drink and drive.  Seriously.  If your city is anything like Pittsburgh, the festivities and consumption can start as early as 9 AM.  That’s cool and that’s fun.  But not if you’re behind the wheel.  You could end up killing yourself, your passenger, another driver, or pedestrian.  It can happen to you.  And if all you end up getting is a DUI, you’re lucky and know that I think your punishment is not remotely severe enough.

Here’s our St. Patrick’s Day ways to not drive drunk:

  1. Call a cab.  It’s so much cheaper than a DUI.  And so much more convenient than a manslaughter conviction.  If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, click here for a number to call for a cab.
  2. Lindy over at Minting Nickels filled me in on this one.  If you have an iPhone, tell Siri you’re drunk.  She’ll pull up a list of cabs for you.  Again, cheaper, more convenient, and more intelligent than the alternative.
  3. Plan your day before you get stupid drunk.  Try using public transportation.  If you’re in Pittsburgh, click here to plan your trip.  Yes, there’s buses, but don’t forget about the inclines and the T.  If you live in a bigger city, this could be a very viable option, especially if you’re going to be imbibing all day long.

*Very few of my posts actually contain affiliate links that I am compensated for, but I feel it especially important to note that in this post there are none.  Again, most of my links are put up simply to help you learn more, and that is especially true today.*

6 thoughts on “There’s No Luck of the Irish Behind the Wheel

  1. shopping2saving

    Yes, yes, and yes. I cannot stress this enough to my friends and family. Drinking + driving is a huge no-no. I’m not drinking today but if I was going to, I’d def be calling a cab.

    Love your blog btw, going to add it to my blogroll. I’m trying to put together a post of my new favorite PF blogs 🙂

  2. Frugal in Florida

    I can honestly appreciate the post and do thank you for doing it! My Hubby was in a serious life changing accident on St. Pattys day 10 years ago … fortunately there was NO alcohol involved, although later in the day, there would have been, which would have changed so many things in the end … Now I’m off to read about the frugal drinking (I do a semi weekly Happy Hour Friday post!) …

    1. femmefrugality

      WOW thank goodness. I’m very sorry he had to go through that…I imagine Mar 17 is a very introspective day in your household. I’ve had too many friends die because they were being stupid. It’s really something I feel like our society needs to take a whole lot more seriously.
      I hope you enjoyed the frugal drinking article! Happy Hour Friday…gonna have to check that one out 🙂


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