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Happy Sunday, everyone!  I hope you slept in late and are enjoying the long weekend! I wanted throw out some great reads from around the personal finance sphere to make it all that much more enjoyable.

Is free will universal or relative?  An article from Sam at will always make you think!  If you’ve ever said that someone just needs to work harder, you need to read this article.

While I’m dreaming of homeownership, Christine at The Wallet Diet is thrilled to be renting.  She makes some pretty good points that are helping me enjoy paying rent a little bit more for the short-term!

A couple of weeks ago, an interview I did was featured on Media Shower.  It’s about blogging and growing your audience, and although it was done just as I was handing off #FinSavSat to brokeGIRLrich and hadn’t  yet gotten on Pinterest, the info is still something I stand behind.

Speaking of Pinterest, Tonya from Budget and the Beach posted an article this week about social media burnout, and the editorial sacrifice we make when we write only for Pinterest or (insert other traffic generator here.)  I had a similar post in my queue, but I’m not so sure I’m going to publish it anymore.  Tonya does a great job covering everything, and she did it in a much more genial way than I had planned to. :p

Reading Done by Forty is always a good idea, but it’s a particularly good idea this week if you’re still writhing from the Steeler loss last weekend.


I’ll see you all tomorrow with another article!  I’m pretty excited (in a philosophical kind of way) about what we’re talking about on Monday, so I’ll be eager to hear your thoughts.  Thanks for reading!

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    Thanks so much for including me! Glad you enjoyed that one. Means a lot that you shared it with your readers.

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