Snugg iPhone Cases: Worth the money?

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If you’ve been reading recently, you know I don’t have an iPhone.  But I have a family member who does; we share the whole painstakingly-agonizing-over-every-purchase gene, so I thought he’d be the perfect person to write this Snugg iPhone case review for you, my lovely readers.  We’ll call him Homme Frugality.  I may just have him back round these parts in the future.  Thanks, Homme!


We all know how much money a smart phone costs. That’s exactly why most people decide to protect them with a case for the duration of their use. While some find the need for a bulky case with lots of protection, I was looking for something that kept the sleek look and dimensions of my iPhone 5. The Snugg Ultra Thin case, after a few weeks of use, proves to deliver just what I wanted.
Snugg’s Ultra Thin case comes in a large variety of colors (I chose Sky Blue,) and even in bamboo or a clear plastic (to make the case that much more discrete.) There is a lot of coverage on the back and sides of the iPhone 5, which is a good thing for a gorgeous phone notorious for chipping and scratching. The case easily snaps in place and stays fastened, and the material has just a bit if grip to it, which is a nice touch. The phone feels as if it would stay in your hand or on a surface even better than if it were caseless.
The case barely adds anything to the functional size of the phone; it goes into and out of a pocket just as easily, doesn’t look noticeably bulkier, and adds a vibrant color to set your phone apart simply. The screen, camera, and all buttons and ports are just as accessible, and leaves room for some bulkier accessories and docks I have used.
As far as size, style, and utility are concerned, the Snugg Ultra Thin case is everything someone could look for in a compact case. At $15 on their website, the price is right, too. If one were to try to spend even less, the quality would surely not be matched. Those looking for screen protection will find clear screen protectors on Snugg’s site, as well.

*Snugg provided us with this product for review.  All opinions are unbiasedly and unabashedly Homme Frugality’s and are not influenced by the sponsor.*

20 thoughts on “Snugg iPhone Cases: Worth the money?

  1. Ms. S

    You know those other protective cases are so big that it defeats the purpose of having a smaller phone. They just make it so bulky. This one is nice and sleek. I can’t imagine that it’s AS protective as the bulky ones though since it doesn’t completely enclose the phone. That doesn’t really matter to me though because I prefer the sleek design anyway.

    1. femmefrugality

      You’re right; it’s not as protective, but it does keep it from chipping and scratching. You can’t dunk it in water, but you can slip it in and out of your pocket! 🙂

  2. Alexa

    I don’t have a smart phone so I haven’t purchased any cases. If I did have one I would definitely put it in a case. They cost so much money it only makes sense to protect them.

  3. Thomas

    I like having a small phone. Its easy to siide in my pocket and fit anywhere. Those dang cases are bulky and defeats the purpose of the smaller phones. I have a friend who has a case and it looks like a tank. I dont think they are worth it but friends I have swear by them. Its up to preference at this point. And even if you get one you don’t need 5-9 of them for one phone.

    1. femmefrugality

      My fiance has a bulky one…and he needs it! He drops his phone like seven times a day. And his is waterproof. That being said, they’re not for everyone. I could never see Homme with one, so this was perfect for him.

  4. Tanya @ The Heavy Purse

    I like it. Part of the appeal of the iPhone or really any smart phone is the sleekness and when you add a bulky case – it loses a bit of its appeal. Granted, I’m a klutz so a bulky case would suit me better but I do like that case. Of course, I actually need to get an iPhone first. I want one but I actually rarely use my phone so I have a very old flip phone that I’m still using. I’m a little nervous – every time I flip it open it wobbles a bit. Some day I’ll flip it open and it will break in half! 🙂

  5. Monica

    I love reading these sorts of reviews bc I am a chronic phone wrecker!! The screen on my pone is actually currently shattered 🙁 I really like the idea of a sleek case – someday I hope that I can join in on a pretty one. For now, I’m rocking a humongous case (that my phone broke in anyway)!!


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