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The Simple Path to Wealth is amazing! I learned how to invest without losing my mind!

A little over two years ago, I found myself sitting outside City Hall, feverishly flipping through the pages of a manuscript. I had just gotten out of a meeting about Pittsburgh’s no-cost summer meal program for kids, and was waiting for my husband to pick me up. In true frugal fashion, he was playing chauffeur so I wouldn’t have to pay for parking or public transport.

The manuscript I was reading was for a book by JL Collins. He had asked me to review it because I knew enough about investing to understand its importance and the basics, but not enough to understand advanced jargon. I’ve learned a bit since those days, but ultimately he had me pinned.

I’m normally a slow reader. Super slow. It’s an activity I value, but I won’t be winning any speed reading contests anytime soon. This was different, though.

For one, I had a deadline.

But on top of that, it was the most interesting and simple-to-understand book on investing I had ever read. I didn’t have to go back five times to understand what a passage was saying. I didn’t need a glossary to define industry terms.

I understood what it was trying to tell me, and I was excited about it.

Jim started off writing his blog, and thereafter his book, for his daughter. She also knew investing and money were important, but she didn’t want to spend her whole life obsessing over it. He wrote The Simple Path to Wealth as a guidebook to help her–and anyone else like her–learn how to become financially independent using some extremely simple, nearly set-and-forget-it strategies.

You can read my full review of the book here.

This holiday season, Audible has come out with an audio book version of the tome. JL Collins and Audible have been kind enough to give one Femme Frugality reader a copy, setting you up with investing strategies that could help you build wealth without the complexities that other books on the same topic gravitate towards.

Even better news? If you want to get it as a gift, there’s no shipping involved. I’ll send you the redemption code, and you’ll have your digital copy well before December 25th.

You can use the Rafflecopter below to enter up until 11:59p on December 18, 2017. Best of luck to all!

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8 thoughts on “Simple Path to Wealth Audio Book #Giveaway

  1. Done by Forty

    Maybe my favorite book on personal finance ever. It’s so well written, so simple as the title suggests, and written with integrity. No sales pitch. No system to buy in to. Just a genuine desire to give the best help to people who need help understanding finances.

    So glad you’re giving it away! I’m going to hold off on participating as I already have a copy.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      So much agreed! In fact, I think a lot of the questions I’ve asked Jim in the past have been born of confusion after reading OTHER investing books. Haha. So it’s really nice that he wrote his own that’s not salesy and is really and truly simple.

      I appreciate you sharing!!!


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