Shopping for Clothes on the Cheap

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I discovered this great website for fashion where everything is $5.99 or under!

A few months ago, I was contacted by  They wanted to know if I’d do a review of their clothing.  Being in need of new clothing, I said yes.

They sell clothes on the cheap to the tune of $5.99 and under.  I’m normally pretty skeptical of websites that offer clothing at prices that low.  Their stuff must be crap, right?  I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong.  I ordered two shirts, a wallet, and pair of shoes I was sure wouldn’t fit since you can’t try on shoes when ordering online.

My ballet flats fit!  I was amazed!  And they’re a lot more durable than the ones I normally pick up once a season.  (I don’t have many shoes, so I wear mine out very quickly wearing them day in and day out.)  I’ve been wearing the shirts to work a lot over the past months.  Like at least once a week a lot.  So they get washed a lot.  They’re still in perfect shape.

I’m very picky with my wallets, however.  So when the wallet arrived, it didn’t quite have the functionality that I was hoping for.  I was able to do an exchange, though, and got the pink shirt in the picture above.  When you’re shopping online for clothes, a good return/exchange policy is key, and I found theirs to be great.

You have 7 days from the date of delivery to file your return on their website.  You need some info from your receipt (I was also able to find it on my invoice,) and then they send you a prepaid shipping label that you take to the UPS store.  Was totally painless.  Just make sure you stay in that 7 day period!

One thing to know before shopping on is that they are basically wholesalers.  It’s how they keep their prices so low, but it also means that once an item is out, it’s out.  So if you see something you love, jump on it quickly.  Even then, it may not be able to be processed if too many people do the same thing at the same time as you.  While their inventory may not be around long, it is vast, so finding something else you love if that happens is no problem at all.

Another thing about the shopping experience that I was pleasantly surprised by is that their models look like real people.  From what I could tell, there wasn’t a whole lot of airbrushing or unhealthy, unrealistic girls trying on clothes in front of a camera.  And this was true across all sizes.  That’s not to say none of the girls were skinny, because some people are skinny and healthy, but there was a fair representation of all body types and sizes, giving you an idea of what the clothes would actually look like in person.

Overall recommend?  Yes.  Just be sure to try on your stuff right away so you know you can get your return in by the seventh day if need be.  And know that the shopping experience is a little different, being prepared to jump on the things you really want.  But $5.99 max/item, with what I’ve found to be good quality?  That’s a definite win.



*I’ve been provided with free product and compensation for my time in order to be able to write this post.  Regardless, opinions are 100% honest and my own.*

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  1. Joyce

    I’m a nosey chica so I went to check out their stuff they seem to have pretty cute things I might have to check again. Do you have any referral link or anything?


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