Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems: Greening Up Carbon Emissions

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In the world of diesel cars, having the right catalytic conversion system is essential. One of the leading systems in the industry is Selective Catalytic Reduction, or SCR.

Why Do You Need Selective Catalytic Reduction? When diesel combusts, it creates nitrous oxide, or NOx. In the list of top concerns for greenhouse effect global warming, concerns are ranked in descending order as: carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide may be third on the list, but it has the capability to trap heat about 310 times as effectively as the number one offender: carbon dioxide.When we talk about nitrous oxide, it’s no small matter. When we talk about driving cars that release this gas into our atmosphere, it is unacceptable. This is why selective catalytic reduction systems are necessary.

How Selective Catalytic Reduction Works: SCR is a fairly complex system. The basic idea is that as exhaust fumes containing nitrous oxide are making their way to the exhaust pipe, they are met in a chamber where they will be neutralized before they have the opportunity to pollute the environment. The most common way this is done is through…{continue reading this article here.}

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