Saving while Greening My Routine with Given Soap

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Check out yummy smelling soaps...while staying green!

Some of you may remember my anal-retentive post about how much money I’ve been saving since my decision to green my beauty routine. You may have noticed something was missing: body wash.

I ran out of it a while ago. And by a while ago, I mean years ago. While I had kicked my bar soap habit for my face washing routine, my body was getting scrubbed with regular, old, scentless bar soap.

Can I admit something? I missed the scent. I missed smelling like vanilla or cherry blossoms or peppermint or whatever the season dictated. But there was no way I was going back to chemical-ridden body wash just to sate my olfactory desires. I considered making my own soap, but one of the main ingredients is lye. Lye cannot be in the house at the same time as my children.

My problem has recently been solved. Nicole at Given Soap was kind enough to send me some samples of their all-natural homemade soaps for me to try on for size.

Given Soap

Guys, I’ve been smelling like pumpkin pie for a week now. I’m in love.

Given Soap is a locally-owned small business here in Pittsburgh. Their story is kind of amazing, too. Here it is in Nicole’s own words:

“My husband lost his job a couple years ago, and as a family we were forced to really look at our financial situation. The two big changes we made were getting rid of cable and changing our cell phone provider. These two changes saved us over $200.00 a month.  Next we started looking into some of the smaller things in our everyday life that we could change. We came across making our own soap and tried it out. Not only was it more cost effective; it was much healthier for me and my family. Our basic soaps only have vegetable oils, lye, water, and essential oils in them. The fancier soaps have oxides, micas, and clays which are pulverized rocks and minerals. We loved it, and started sharing it with friends and family who also loved it. That’s when we got the ideal of sharing it with everyone. Making changes can be hard sometimes, big or small, but you never know what amazing things can happen with even small changes. Now we have a small business doing something we love, enjoy, and believe in.”

Did you get that? Implementing frugality led to the creation of a business that helps them replace an income. Pretty darn impressive.

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As for the ingredients, they’re all purposeful and easy to pronounce, which as a general rule makes them better for your body. Clay detoxifies, and helps add some coloring to the soap along with trace minerals. Oxides and minerals add color and trace minerals, as well, so they don’t have to add artificial dyes.

My samples have been lasting. I use them in the shower, but don’t leave them in the shower. I don’t want the water built up in the dish to eat away at them. So I remove them to a place where they can dry, and then store them in their bags. I wish this blog had smell-o-vision so I could show you just how amazing they all smell.

There’s a wide variety of scents, too. For the holidays, there’s Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice, Frank & Myrrh, and Sweet Orange, Cinnamon and Clove. The best part? There are SALES.

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Deals!

No matter where you’re shopping from, you can order online through their site. They are having a Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale this weekend for 25% off. Just use code 25%Off at checkout! There are also additional discounts on Cinnamon Cedarwood and Citrus with Lavendar soaps.

Small Business Saturday just got easier to support.

In Pittsburgh?

Go get some soap in person! That way you’ll be able to try out all the scents. Given Soap will be at the White Oak Athletic Association’s Holiday Craft Fair on Saturday, December 5th, from 10a-4p.

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11 thoughts on “Saving while Greening My Routine with Given Soap

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist

    HA! You’ve been smelling like pumpkin pie! You’re hilarious, Femme! 😀 I use all fragrance-free products too, and, like you, I also miss scent. But with sensitive skin and nose, I don’t partake. But I’m sure it’s the other crap that’s the problem – all the chemicals and stuff – not the actual scents themselves. After all, smelling a flower doesn’t bother me, but washing with something that “smells” like flowers does. So these natural soaps sound like the ticket! I’m not sure I’d want to smell like pumpkin pie, since it would probably only lead to hubby chasing me around with a can of whipped cream or something, but I do adore the scent of peppermint! Thanks for the great lead, Femme! 🙂

  2. Chris Carter

    Oooh! I would LOVE to smell like pumpkin pie! 🙂 Such an amazing and inspiring story on how they started their business. You definitely have me thinking about exploring these options for our own family. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. JannaTWrites

    This is awesome! I confess, I do use scented body wash (which I always buy on sale) but I really like the idea of supporting local or small companies. (Pittsburgh isn’t local for me, but it’s still a small business!) I’ll have to check this out – thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Femme Frugality

      So glad! And don’t worry… I’m not judging. I read a book coming up on a couple years ago that motivated me to make the switch, but there’s still a lot of other areas I haven’t changed. Despite knowing I should.

  4. Mel

    Your advertising is effective. I definitely clicked over to her website ;o) I think some of these soaps are going to become Christmas presents for friends. Although I totally wane one of the pumpkin pie ones myself. What are you doing, Femme!?!? This is not helping me be frugal. ;o)

    1. Femme Frugality

      Haha here’s my reasoning: people are going to buy gifts. This is one of the most fairly priced products I’ve seen for the market at full price. And with the 25% off, much cheaper than most body washes and definitely cheaper than other hand crafted soaps. Frugality.


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