4 Ways to Save Money Without Too Many Sacrifices

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Crazy smart tips to save money! Totally using the first one--my kids are SUCH picky eaters!

It may seem like saving money on stuff automatically requires major sacrifices. But, as you’ll soon see, there are simple things you can do to spend less without feeling you’re missing out.

Try Samples Before Buying Full-Sized Items

Many people are so concerned with prices that they scoop up products they’ve never tried before, just because the prices are so low. That may seem like a good idea at first, but imagine how inconvenient it would be if you bought a 10-pack box of toaster pastries that the kids won’t eat because they complain the products don’t taste similar enough to their usual brand.

To avoid that common scenario, try samples of food before buying full-sized packages if the option exists. There are some common etiquette rules to follow before chowing down on a sample. For example, always read the ingredients, give feedback when necessary, and don’t be afraid to go back for seconds. By sampling foods, you could end up saving money on consumables you buy and never use.

Sign Up for Loyalty Programs

The perks offered by loyalty programs may span from free oil changes to complimentary nights in a hotel room. Although getting linked up with loyalty programs may result in some extra messages in your inbox from time to time, the rewards earned could be worth it. That’s especially true if there’s no need to do anything more than buy the brands you always have.

If you’re concerned you’ll never see any benefits because there’s a points system in place, don’t despair. Even when getting started with a loyalty program offered by a hotel brand or airline, you could notice immediate perks such as early check-in and free Wi-Fi.

Be sure to stay aware of the rewards provided by your loyalty programs and when you’re eligible to receive them. By staying on top of that, it’s easier to understand which things you don’t need to buy due to getting them free for participating.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Special Offers

The Sunday newspaper is just one place of many to find worthwhile coupons. Many retailers track what you buy over time and might give coupons to you with store receipts, or offer them within dedicated apps. Stay abreast of the kinds of money-saving offers available to you and seize those opportunities as much as possible. You may even want to set a weekly reminder on your phone that’ll cue you to go to all the places you normally get coupons from and see if the newest offers are for things you might buy anyway.

Shop Locally for Car Insurance

Feeling persuaded by an advertisement you saw for a huge car insurance firm that doesn’t have nearby offices to visit? Instead of immediately getting coverage there because of great rates that were advertised, see what you could get from a local insurance agency first.

Keep in mind, many national names have branches throughout the country, so shopping locally doesn’t necessarily mean going with an untested brand. When engaging with your local insurance specialist, be frank about your budget, especially if you’re switching from another provider and don’t want to pay any more than a certain amount with the new company.

Do research about the various ways a company might help its customers save. Car insurance is a mandatory purchase in most states, so you may as well get educated on potential discounts. For some of them, you may only need to prove you’re a safe driver or haven’t filed a claim for a while.

These are some of the simple but powerful ways to save money on things you have to buy anyway, all without feeling flustered by your frugal efforts. Try them soon and notice the savings.


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  1. Jax

    I love getting samples for types of things I use. Sometimes it helps me avoid a special trip to the store, or helps me eek out another no spend day.


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