Save on Back-to-School Clothes with Gymboree

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So glad I found this! Perfect timing for back-to-school!

The vast majority of our children’s’ clothing has been handed down to us or purchased at resale stores. As we’ve sifted through the wears of yesteryear, we’ve picked up on the fact that there are a few brands that make garments that really do stand the test of time in terms of quality. One of those brands is Gymboree.

When I have a need that resale or the hand-me-downs doesn’t cover, I turn to these brands, but only when they’re on sale. Here’s the thing: quality can cost you.

But it doesn’t have to. For instance, right now almost everything at Gymboree is $14.99 or under, making it a great time to shop.

They’ve also teamed up with Stitch Fix recently to create bundles from professional stylists. I’m no professional stylist, but I thought I’d try my hand at it, too.

Here are some of my favorite picks from recent collections.


Back-to-school sales equal great fashion for less!

Cat Pullover-$14.99. We’re all about cats in our house lately.
Classic Tee-$8.00. For layering.
Pleated Shorts-$14.99. Because sitting criss-cross applesauce is more difficult in a skirt.
Riding Boots-$23.48. These are one of the few things that isn’t $14.99 or under right now. But they are 50% off.
Sparkle Tights-$6.99. We actually have some of these in silver.
Bow Headband-$4.99. Matches the cat’s ears and the tights!



Denim Hoodie-$24.98. Again, one of the few things that’s not $14.99 or under, but it is 50% off.
Finish Line Tee-$14.99. Because it would be weird to send your kid into school naked underneath their hoodie.
Straight Jeans-$14.98. For jeans. Score.
Quilted Cap-$14.99. Though they will have to take it off once they go inside. More for Saturdays.
Trucks Socks-$3.99. In keeping with the transport theme.
Hi-Top Sneaker-$16.48. Fifty percent off. Even though it’s not under $14.99, this is still a decent price for quality shoes.

Don’t like my back-to-school style?

It’s cool. I take no offense. You can check out the picks from Stitch Fix’s professional stylists both for girls and for boys.

Also, if you’re liking Gymboree’s style, but they’re still a little out of your price range, check out Crazy 8. It’s another one of my faves, has a similar vibe, and tends to have lower price tags.



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  1. RAnn

    I miss gymboree now that my kids are older, but I’m also glad school uniforms are the norm here. It makes mornings so much easier.


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