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The Love Story that Required A Lot of Formal Education

What happens when a girl with some college education and a boy with none meet up and fall madly in love?

They have babies, of course.  And those babies make them realize that they’ve got to get their financial house in order.

I am that girl, and my husband is that boy.  (Though he tells me he prefers to be called a man.) We realized when we became parents that our high-school-diploma-requisite jobs just weren’t going to support a family the way they had been supporting us as individuals.  Since becoming parents, I’ve graduated from school, with honors, 100% debt free.  He’s in his sophomore year at a very non-traditional age, and rocking it.  He’s on track  to graduate the same way I did:  without the omnipresent burden of student loans.

During his first year of school, we somehow managed to plan a totally budget-friendly wedding, including a tropical honeymoon, and keep our children alive.

We’re 2 (or 3) years away from his graduation.  Our financial situation has already improved by leaps and bounds, but we’re hoping that things get even easier once he’s in his new career path.

Happiness > Riches

We’re not doing all of this for miserly or luxurious motivations.  We’re just trying to provide the best childhood and future we can for our kids.  Happiness is not dependent on being monetarily wealthy, but poverty sure can rain on your parade.

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