Republic Wireless: The Husband’s Review

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I made the full-time switch to Republic Wireless last Spring, but the husband held on to his contract provider for a while longer.  He wanted to see how it went for me.

It went well.  The way they work is a combination of Wi-Fi, cell, and 3G/4G coverage.  They have varying plans at astoundingly low prices.  The $5/month plan gives you unlimited talk, text and data over WiFi only, while the most expensive $40/month plan give you unlimited talk, text and data over WiFi or 4G.  We both have $25/month plans that give us unlimited talk, text and data over WiFi and 3G, though the data over 3G isn’t quite as unlimited as it used to be.  It’s still a heck of a lot more than we use, though, so we don’t run into any problems.  All plans are contract-free.

His Biggest Hurdle

The biggest hurdle for him making the switch was paying for the phone up front.  The phone options are the Moto E for $99, the Moto G starting at $149, the Moto X first generation at $299, and the new Moto X second generation at $399.  Those prices are intimidating.  But by paying for the phone up front, and then paying for lower service fees monthly, you’re saving so much money.  Before we both switched, we were paying well over the price of a Moto G every month.  Besides that, the way phones are subsidized you’re paying for them with the big carriers, too, just over a longer period of time.  And you’re not just paying for them once with the big carriers.  You’re paying for them twice.

His Pros

He got the Moto G.  It was more comfortable for our budget at the time of purchase, and he decided he didn’t need all the bells and whistles of the Moto X.  (Though I’m loving the bells and whistles just fine.)

The coverage for him is just as good as his old phone, and he gets more because he can actually make calls on WiFi.  He’s also loving our low monthly bill; $50/month for two people with a plan that actually gives us more than our old carrier did at more than triple the price.

His Cons

He makes a lot of calls from 3G for work.  He noticed that the first time he dials a number, the phone tries to make the call and then hangs up.  This is only with new numbers, and only happens once.  I hadn’t noticed this as I make most of my calls on WiFi, but I tested out his claim and found out he was right:  it wasn’t just his phone.  Mine does the same thing.

But in the grand scheme of things, it’s a minor annoyance.  You just dial again and everything works as it should.  And it only happens once per number.  For $25/month he’ll take it.

His other complaint?  He had to relearn how to navigate Clash of Clans.



It took him two minutes.  If that’s his most serious complaint, I think we’re good.

The Overall

Occasionally I’ll catch the husband bragging about things I write about on Femme Frugality.  (Or as he calls it, Femmy Frugality.)  Since he’s made the switch, I’ve heard him bragging about Republic Wireless more than occasionally.  Despite the Clash of Clans mishap, he’s happy, and he’s recommending it to friends.

On his behalf, let me recommend them to you, too.  You can check out the phones and plans with Republic Wireless here.  If you make or have made the switch, be sure to come back and share your own experiences!

9 thoughts on “Republic Wireless: The Husband’s Review

  1. Mel

    Haha, you know it’s a good product when the worst complaint is over a game. Republic Wireless is absolutely the way I’m going to go when I have to take over my own phone plan someday.

  2. kay ~

    Femmy! tee hee! Love it! Men, huh? 😛

    I’ve never had a phone plan. I’ve always had a cheap flip (I love the flip!) tracfone. Now while that’s fine for me, Jay is used to his fancy “bells and whistles” work phone that I never could figure out how to use! So I’m thinking he’s going to have a lot of trouble going back to tracfoneville. Thanks, Ms. Femme! I’ll check it out! 🙂

  3. Femme @ femmefrugality

    Haha it’s so much funnier knowing he’s not alone in his French pronunciation. I was flip phoned out until 2012, and then our carrier didn’t have one when it was time to upgrade. So I caved. Now I can’t go back! But as far as everything I’ve tried/heard about, Republic is awesome for the tech/price combo. Just make sure Sprint has decent service in your area as that’s what the 3g runs off of. Was upstate this fall and had no problems, but I don’t know how it is in your specific area.

  4. Toni @ Debt Free Divas

    I seriously need to do a cell phone comparison. We’ve been with the same company since the turn of the century Ha! but really, we have. Femmy Frugality LOL! Cute. That’s for the overview. I’ll need to schedule some time to look at the options.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      I’d definitely check it out. I eventually got so ticked off at my carrier for the crap they were pulling that I just left and paid the “you’re breaking your contract” fee. Now I have zero contract, and I’m 100% happier.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      I’d highly recommend; it’s a great, easy way to cut those monthly costs. The apps and games DO still work; he just had to navigate a couple features differently than he used to. :p I’m still in favor of the Moto X over Moto G, but it does cost a little bit more money up front.

      Best of luck on your out of debt journey! Cheering you on!


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