Quality vs. Price: St. Brigid’s Necklace Review

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I have a problem.  It’s called buyer’s remorse.  Whenever I purchase something, anything, really, I feel incredibly guilty about it.  When the price is high, it gets even worse.

But I know that many times, the higher the price, the higher the quality of item I’m getting.  And sometimes it’s just worth it.  So I’m starting a new series where I’ll be reviewing products to see if their price was truly justified by their quality.

Today’s review will be on BiddyMurphy.com products.  They sell a slew of all things Irish, from jewelry to gifts to apparel to occasion specific items.  I was also super excited to find out they have a showroom in South Haven, Michigan!  Some of you may remember I vacationed there earlier this year.  If you happen to be in the area, swing by 610 Phoenix Street.  The people are great and the products are stellar.

The Products

As the holidays are fast approaching, I’ll split this into two sections.


There is absolutely no shortage of gifts with Biddy Murphy.  The one I was lucky enough to review is a St. Brigid’s cross necklace.  Made of sterling silver, in Ireland, it’s absolutely gorgeous.  The pennant is double-sided, and at 3/4 inch in width it meets my preference of being beautiful without being gaudy.

My biggest concern when I buy necklaces is that the pennant will be elegant, but the chain will be cheap.  Not the case with this product.  The chain is well-made and gorgeous with 18 inches of delicate links, letting the pennant hang right below the crest of my collar bone.

Price:  $75
Is it worth it?:  Yes.  Every penny.

St. Brigid’s crosses, made of straw or rushes, are customarily hung over the entrance way to cottages before the spring planting season to protect one’s family from want or evil.

Stocking Stuffers

Yes!  There’s Irish-themed stocking stuffers, too!  While it’s only part of my heritage, there’s a huge section of my family that would get a kick out of the Punchy Paddy Pen.  Push a button on his back and watch his eyes light up as he throws a punch.  YES THE PEN WRITES, TOO.  🙂
Price:  $3.75
Is it worth it?:  Absolutely.  The price may not be as high, and therefore the quality isn’t that of a sterling silver necklace.  But what a fun writing utensil.

Did I spell that right?  My Gaelic’s rusty.

Shopping Tip!

Ward from Biddy Murphy was kind enough to share some money saving tips with Femme Frugality readers.  Especially for the Amazon shoppers among us.

If you see something being sold on Amazon, you will probably find better pricing on the seller’s home page if you use the merchant’s own website.”

Case and point?  If you order isn’t eligible for Amazon super duper we give you it free shipping, all jewelry orders on BiddyMurphy.com that are more than $30 SHIP FREE.  Oh, and if you happen to get the St. Brigid’s necklace, right now all orders over $75 get a free Guinness t-shirt when you enter the promo code GUINNESS.  They’re really nice tees, too.

Another tip from Ward?  Check out businesses’ facebook pages.  Many times they’ll contain deals and discounts that simply aren’t available to you anywhere else.  You can check out their facebook page here.

Interested in having your quality product reviewed in this series?  Contact me at femmefrugality at gmail dot com.

I was sent the above products for review purposes.  All opinions are unabashedly honest and 100% my own.

30 thoughts on “Quality vs. Price: St. Brigid’s Necklace Review

    1. Ward Gahan

      We have an easy return policy so no worries. However if you read our reviews a lot of comments are about how the “item looks seven more beautiful than the image portrayed”.

  1. canadianbudgetbinder.com

    Great review. One thing I never have remorse about is Quality and Price. Although I tend to wait until my Quality product is on sale I hate to buy things twice or have them fall apart. So, Quality is very important to us for certain items and others, not so much. Great post mate. I hope more products come your way for reviews… I’ve done a book review and the fans love it although I haven’t reached out for more. Mr.CBB

    1. femmefrugality

      I’m the same way. I’ve started shopping less on the clearance rack for clothes, I have to admit. Now I’m all about sales and store cards/email programs to get the best deals. I’m going to have to start checking out facebook pages, too, per Ward’s advice!

  2. Elle Sees

    Great tips! I got the giveaway widget sorted! PS I noticed you aren’t following me on gfc, but if you do it’s another free entry in the contest. Not a “follow me!” Comment, just an “fyi comment.” 😉

    1. femmefrugality

      You’re totally fine! I completely understand lol. I was so sure I did it right the first time…I’ll have to go back and check what I did wrong. Thanks for letting me know!


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