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I have an announcement to make, and I’m pretty darn excited about it.  Recently, I’ve partnered up with SmartAsset, who makes financial calculators that are incredibly user-friendly and customizable.  Here’s an example:


With this partnership, there are three things you as a user can do.  The first is to use them.  Figure out how much is a good idea to take out.  Personalize it to your own numbers.  This is the path I take, and the biggest reason I wanted to get them up on Femme Frugality: they’re incredibly useful.

The second is to click through and look at offers from different lenders.  If you end up using one of these lenders, SmartAsset gets a commission.  (It would be a good idea to check out to check out their privacy policy.)  Because you got there through my site, they pay me a part of that commission.  I want to stress this:  this is your choice.  You should fully research all of your options before making a decision to take out a loan.  Read the fine print.  Make the best decision for your household.  You may find it via SmartAsset, or you may not.  The responsibility in making your financial decisions rests with you, not with Femme Frugality.  While I love using SmartAsset’s calculators, I am not in any way, financially, legally, or otherwise, responsible for any financial decisions you may make after using them or clicking through to their lenders.

The third thing you can do is completely ignore them.  Any of these options are completely within your control.

But the reason I’ve partnered is because I, personally, really like them.  In a sea of financial calculators, these have gotten me the best view of the bigger financial picture out of any other I’ve tried.  If you choose to use them, I hope they do the same for you.  Enjoy!


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