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Diary of a Wombat: #Pittsburgh Ticket #Giveaway

This post is in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

It’s that time again! Another great Children’s Theater show is coming to Pittsburgh.

And you know what that means.

Another ticket giveaway from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust!

Diary of a Wombat

Diary of a Wombat is a story about an animal who trains the humans around her to take care of her needs. Written by Australian author Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Watley, Diary of a Wombat follows the little marsupial as she figures out ways to manipulate humans into giving her the best eats and digs.

It’s a super cute book, and was so wildly popular that there’s at least one sequel!

Diary of a Wombat Comes to Pittsburgh

From March 22 to March 29, 2020, Diary of a Wombat will be touring the Pittsburgh region!

  • March 22, 2p Seneca Valley Intermediate High School
  • March 25, 7p Greensburg-Salem High School
  • March 26, 5:30p Marshall Middle
  • March 26, 7:30p Marshall Middle
  • March 27, 7p Hopewell High School
  • March 28, 11a Mellon Middle School
  • March 28, 2p Mellon Middle School
  • March 29, 2p Byham Theater

You can get tickets here.

Here’s a little info so you know what to expect:

Meet Mothball, the naughtiest wombat in Australia. Bored with her daily routine, Mothball goes in search of shelter and food, creating chaos in the lives of the humans around her.
Doormats, bins and washing lines are no match for this mischievous marsupial. Between a packed schedule of scratching, sleeping and eating Mothball discovers that with a bit of persistence, humans are quite easily trained! 

Based on the multi award-winning picture book, Diary of a Wombat by Australian Children’s Laureate, Jackie French and Bruce Whatley.

Content Information: This event is designated for younger audiences and is recommended for children and adults ages 3+. This show features: puppets, live music, acting, creative thinking, sustainability. This show will be performed without words in a darkened theater and includes live music.

Diary of a Wombat Ticket Giveaway!

Without further ado, let’s give away some tickets!

We’re giving away four (4) tickets to see Diary of a Wombat at one of the times and locations listed above. To enter, simply use the widget below.

This giveaway is open until 11:59p Eastern on March 9, 2020.

Keep in mind that you can come back and complete some of these entries once per day, so there are lots of opportunities to enter!

Best of luck to all!

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Pittsburgh Boutique Warehouse Sale Alert!

This post is in collaboration with Nakturnal.

In the past few years, I’ve come to an appreciation of all the boutique shops that have been popping up in the hills of Pittsburgh.

Many of these shops design and create their own products, while others feature unique items made by locals alongside other trendy gifts. Wildcard and few other local shops even stocked The Feminist Financial Handbook, making it available locally even prior to being picked up by Barnes & Noble.

Pittsburgh Boutique Warehouse Sale

On March 6 & 7, 2020, a conglomeration of Pittsburgh-area boutique shops will be putting the third annual Warehouse Sale at The Village of Eastside next to Staples. There will be free parking available in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s.

Be careful as the hours do vary from Friday to Saturday:

  • March 6, 2020. 9a-5p
  • March 7, 2020. 9a-3p

The sales are deep — each shop owner will be bringing their bargain basement finds. Check out each shop before you go!

The Picket Fence

The Picket Fence is a boutique store in Shadyside selling primarily clothing for women, kids and infants. You’ll also find housewares here, along with some jewelry options and adorable, Burgh-themed gifts.


If you’re looking for clothing made in the USA, you’re going to have a lot of luck at Pavement in Lawrenceville. Here you’ll find women’s fashion from indie, sustainable and even local designers, and you’ll also find some bigger national brands like Three Dots and Stateside.

Emy Mack

Emy Mack is a local shoe designer with a gorgeous boutique open in Shadyside. Mack works with a team from Italy to turn the designs into finished products.

Kelly Lane Design

If you’re looking for handmade-to-order, organic, sustainable clothing for yourself or for the kiddos, Kelly Lane Design is for you. Everything happens here in Pittsburgh, and in the recent past, Kelly has added a home goods line.

Hippie & French

Medical marijuana is legal in Pennsylvania, but you need a patient ID card to purchase. You must have a diagnosed, qualifying medical condition to get that card.

You don’t need a patient ID card to purchase CBD products, though. These are legal everywhere, but are unregulated where medical marijuana is.

Hippie & French started as a CBD oil boutique in Lawrenceville, and that is still their primary product. But today you can purchase flower there, too. CBD flower — no THC.

Hippie & French also markets its products to pet owners.

Von Walter & Funk

Also located in Lawrenceville, Von Walter and Funk is boutique selling fun and unique housewares for your kitchen, bar, and living room. You’ll also find all the essential oils along with a one-of-a-kind jewelry line.


Cheeks is a lingerie and sleepwear shop in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. If you shop in person, they’ve also expanded with an apparel line. You’ll be able to check out their best deals at the Warehouse Sale!


Pies to die for! Make sure to leave some budget for these good eats. They’ll be served up at the Warehouse Sale for hungry shoppers.

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure: #Pittsburgh Children’s Theater Ticket #Giveaway

This post is in collaboration with The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Giant swimming dinosaur puppet and the words: "Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure"

My kids loved An Elephant in the Garden. They absolutely flipped for The Magic School Bus: Live!

But of all the Pittsburgh Children’s Theater performances coming through town, Erth ‘s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure is probably the one mom’s most excited for this year.

Why I’m excited Erth is coming to Pittsburgh.

The full name of the show is Erth‘s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure: The Mystery of the Dinosaurs of the Deep. WIth puppets and tech supplementing the actors’ performance, Erth Visual & Physical together with Red Tail Entertainment bring you to the bottom of the ocean to show you the creatures that lived there in prehistoric times. Because the bottom of the ocean is so foreign to us — more foreign even than certain areas of space — some of these creatures may still live there.

There are two show times, but Erth will only be in town for one day: February 23, 2020. Right now, you can buy tickets to the 6p show for $12.

Win tickets to Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure

Today, we have a ticket giveaway to this exciting show! Use the widget below to enter to win 4 tickets to see Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure when it comes to Pittsburgh next month! You will be able to enter until 11:59p on February 11, 2020.

Remember that some of these entries can be taken advantage of not just once overall, but once everyday, so there are lots of opportunities to enter!

Best of luck to all!

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Pittsburgh’s Ultimate House 2020

I have never been much of a fashionista. My style — during those moments when I can claim to have any — is simultaneously classic and offbeat and sometimes the punk rock still peeks out a little bit.

Other than a stint in late middle school where I attempted to wear the right brands to fit in, clothing has never been a core value of mine. Because it wasn’t a core value, I haven’t ever really allocated a lot of money towards it. I was hitting the thrift shops when we all thought real estate only went up. I would patch my own jeans and upcycle the heck out of what I had.

I also went to a high school that was ridiculously moneyed. My parents made a lot of sacrifices so we could live in the right neighborhood to go to the right schools, and it served us well. Even during the hardest times in my life economically, I’ve been grateful that I grew up in the cultural norms of the upper middle class. If I was a fish, these norms were my water.

I didn’t always like them. And I in no way think they’re superior. But because I was acculturated to them, I’ve been able to use them in situations where I need to earn money, many of which are annoyingly still dominated by the cultural norms of the upper middle class.

That’s how I found myself at Saks Fifth Avenue.

When I was a junior in high school, one of my friends came home to visit from college. I was trying to remember if I skipped school to hang out with him the day this story happened, but I can’t remember. We’re going to go with, “It was a Saturday.”

We went to the mall and grabbed some eats from this amazing Japanese place we always frequented together. He had to run some errands afterwards, including picking something up at Saks Fifth Avenue.

I rolled my eyes, but said I’d come along. He picked up a shirt. He knew right where it was.

Even back then, I was anthropologically interested in everything. I had never seen an old storefront like this in real life. Downtown. Fancy. Built to not only sell ritzy clothes, but make you feel like you yourself were ritzy once you were inside. To make you feel special. Worthy.

I wasn’t falling for it, but I was amazed by it.

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Post is in the works, but the other night I had the chance to preview the progress behind @pittsburghmagazine ‘s #UltimateHouse2020 ! I liked what I saw. Stay tuned for a photo tour, to learn what stood here before it was an urban highrise, and for a discussion of Pittsburgh’s housing market in its downtown neighborhoods. . . You can see the #UltimateHouse yourself when it’s finished and open for tours Feb 21 thru March 1 of this year! Located in the Lumiere by @millcraft , all tour proceeds will benefit @childrenspgh Foundation, which provides free health care to families. ❤ . . #realestate #pittsburgh #pittsburghmagazine #urbanphotography #urbanliving #downtownpittsburgh #dahntahn #millcraft #childrenshospital #childrenshospitalofpittsburgh #healthcare #charity #architecture #lumiere #pgh #daburgh #412 #724 #homeownership #hometour #highrise #penthouse #hardhat #hardhatlife #yinz #yinzernation #pittsburghrealestate #dogparkontheroof

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That Marc Jacobs sweater, tho.

At least, I wasn’t falling for it until my friend showed me the clearance rack.

Yeah, he knew me well.

He cheered me on as I found good deal after good deal. That’s something I’ve always been good at. I’ve never been particularly prone to peer pressure, but that day, with him oohing an ahhing over all the steals I was finding, I decided to bring home a trophy.

I brought home a Marc Jacobs sweater and a Juicy Couture miniskirt. There was a tank top to wear under the sweater in there, too, but I don’t remember the brand. It was all under $90.

For those brands, it really was a steal.

I still felt like an idiot when I got home. Mad at my friend for cheering me on. Frustrated with myself for caving to the magic of the store’s presentation and giving in to his encouragement.

Something funny happened when I wore that outfit to school. A ton of people gave me compliments. I remember thinking it was really, really weird that they could know the brand of my clothes when zero branding was showing.

I also remember thinking it was really, really weird but also completely predictable that the people coming up to me showering me with compliments were people I had come to know as jerks and bullies.

You could be in the right crew with that sweater, tho.

You’ll have that.

Grabbing drinks at Saks.

bottles sitting on lit shelves at a bar in an urban setting

Recently, I found myself back in that same location. Saks Fifth Avenue is no longer downtown. There’s a Saks off Fifth up in the North Hills because after the housing bubble burst even the moneyed picked up the hobby of finding a good deal, but the location I was standing in was no longer an old-time-y department store. It was now a fancy Brazilian Steakhouse called Fogo de Chao. I was sitting at one of the most expansively stocked bars I had ever seen with hints of glimmering gold jumping out of the decor, catching my eye with every last turn of my head.

I was there for a happy hour. I had been invited to tour Pittsburgh Magazine’s Ultimate House. After a drink and some appetizers, we headed next door to the Lumiere.

The Ultimate House

Views from one of the penthouse’s balconies!

For the past several years, Pittsburgh Magazine has been sponsoring the Ultimate House. They work together with local companies like PPG Paints to create a beautiful model home somewhere in the city. Then, they open the Ultimate House up for tours, with tour proceeds supporting a local cause.

This year, next door to Fogo de Chao, we headed up to the eighth floor of the Lumiere to tour this year’s house: A penthouse by Millcraft.

It’s still heavily under construction, but it’s already gorgeous. The open-concept living space between kitchen and living room is massive not only in its indoor capacities, but also in its flow into the outdoors, which includes two balconies running the length of the apartment on either side of the building. Head outdoors for fantastic views, or open the windows up to convert your apartment into an indoor/outdoor space.

There were more bathrooms than bedrooms, each thoughtfully and carefully decorated with beautiful tile and the best paint PPG can offer. The closests could legitimately be bedrooms in and of themselves.

Then you head up to the top floor where there’s a beautiful, open-air balcony, giving you views of the iconic skyline from within the skyline itself. It’s not something we get to see often in Pittsburgh as our downtown area is not packed thick with residences. Also on the roof is an open-air dog park so you don’t have to worry about navigating the city streets with Spot if you don’t want to.


Huge living space!

The penthouse is perhaps unsurprisingly expensive. But if you’re moving to Pittsburgh and are looking for inner-city living, there are smaller units on higher floors which have comparatively affordable pricetags. These apartments are more expensive than what you can find in other city neighborhoods, but there are some advantages to living downtown.

This neighborhood is probably best for young professionals moving to Pittsburgh from another metro. You don’t have a car, and don’t want one. I mean, if you do, there’s residential parking available. But Pittsburgh’s public transport is nothing to write home about. Downtown is the neighborhood it serves best.

Gorgeous, custom tiling in one of the bathrooms.

Downtown is also where a lot of white collar jobs are, so if you have the income to support the real estate purchase, you’ll likely have a short commute. The Lumiere is walking distance to the Cultural District, where — among other shows — Pittsburgh gets the most Broadway shows on Earth outside of NYC. It’s also walking distance to Point State Park and both of the inclines on Mt. Washington.

Take a tour. Help pay kids’ medical bills.

Views from the rooftop dog park! The Steel Building (serendipitously repping UPMC atm) is the tallest in the city. Because of zoning laws, the developers don’t expect views to change much over the years.

The folks at Millcraft have put a lot of thought into their project, including the 2020 Ultimate House. The finished product is going to be amazing, and it’s also going to be open to the public. Tours start on February 21 and run through March 1. Tickets are shockingly affordable, making this a great, under $30 date night or a fun event to participate in with your teens who may be interested in architecture, interior design, real estate or future employment with nonprofits.

Tickets are $20/each, unless you buy a bundle package which gives you admission for two people for a whopping total of $25. On Wednesday, February 26, there will be a Dine & Design event. Tickets to this event are $35/each, but you get more than just a tour:

Visit Pittsburgh Magazine’s Ultimate House on Wednesday, February 26 for an evening of Dine & Design. Enjoy a night out complete with complimentary cocktails, lite bites and access to the 5th Annual Ultimate House for just $35 (Ages 21+).

The proceeds from the event and the tours will benefit the Free Care Fund at UPMC Children’s Hospital. This fund is something all hospitals claiming to be nonprofits are legally required to provide under the ACA. The money goes towards forgiving or paying off the medical bills of families who prove they cannot afford care.

See more photos of the Ultimate House by following on Instagram.

What to Do in #Pittsburgh on #MLK Jr. Day

Looking for something to do in the Burgh this holiday weekend on a budget?

Look no further. On Monday,  you can gather up the kiddos and head on over to the Mattress Factory without worrying about how much cash you have on hand.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration at The Mattress Factory

martin luther king day mlk day mattress factory

When: Monday, January 20, 2019
Where: The Mattress Factory
Time: 1p-5p

Every year, the Mattress Factory hosts a party for MLK Jr. Day. This year, there’s going to be a lot of really cool all-ages activities going on. The education department at the museum does a really great job with its events.

For example, this celebration will feature hands-on activities for all ages, including an I Have a Dream-scape collaborative mixed-media mural. Guests can also write a letter to someone who has inspired them at our Appreciation Station; enjoy a snack at the cookie table and hot chocolate bar; and dance to the music of local DJ group Wavy Bunch Sound.

Wavy Bunch Sound is comprised of duo DJ Flipwave and DJ African Wolf, coming from Ghana and Haiti respectively. In past years WBS has introduced Pittsburgh to the heritage of Afro-Caribbean culture with events like Ghana@62 and All White Affair: Rep Your Flag. These events give guests background and history through music, allowing people to enjoy and experience the black diaspora that is Afro-Caribbean via Soca, Zouk, Reggae, Dancehall, Afro-Beats, Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B/Soul of the past and present day.

If you’re a regular of the Mattress Factory, you’ll know that they’re not typically open on Mondays. But in honor of the holiday, not only will they be hosting the party, but the museum’s galleries at 500 Sampsonia Way, 516 Sampsonia Way and 1414 Monterey Street will be open for visitors.

If you haven’t been to the Mattress Factory yet, go. I lived here a total of 15 nonconsecutive years before I visited, and man, do I wish I had done it sooner. One of the coolest museums in the city–and that’s saying something in a museum-rich metro like Pittsburgh.

Celebrating a man so full of love, a penchant for peace and a desire for justice isn’t a bad way to spend any day, but Monday in particular will be something special.