Phase Two of Moving: Things You’ll Need to Do Once You’ve Moved

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Am I glad I read this before we move! I never would have thought of these, but there's still so much to do after you unload the truck.

Anyone who has ever moved before knows exactly how stressful it is. The idea of having to put all your belongings into boxes is daunting and requires a lot of preparation. Hiring a moving company, deciding which things you don’t want to pack, packing your things securely into boxes, and everything in between needs to be done to pull off a successful move. However, having your belongings loaded onto the moving truck is not the end of the moving madness.

After months of planning, you’ve finally arrived at the front of your home or apartment. Once everything has been unloaded from the truck, the quest to get comfortable and acquainted begins. Here’s a look at some of the things you’ll need to complete once you’ve moved into your new place:

Setting Up Services

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to start setting up common utility services. This may or may not include the need to have your gas, electric, and water turned on, as well as cable, television, and internet services.

Fortunately, a lot of this can be done online. You can browse the web for service providers in your area and choose an option that works best for your needs and budget.

Locating Medical Services

If you’ve moved far from your old town you’re going to need to find new medical services near you. This can include locating a dentist, eye doctor, physician and pharmacy for any prescriptions you’ll need filled.

You can check with your health insurance provider to find medical practices in your area that accept your insurance.

To find a pharmacy, you can complete an online search using terms like ‘find a pharmacy near me.’ You should be routed to several options from which you can choose the most convenient.

Updating Address

While you may have already notified the post office of your address change so that mail can be routed to your new address, there is still one more step you’ll need to take. In most states, you have approximately 2 weeks to change your address with the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

You can complete this online in most cases by providing an updated address. You’ll receive a sticker to place on the back of your license with the new address on it.

Registering for School

If you happen to have children, you’ll need to get them registered with the school district. You can contact your local board of education to determine which district you’re in and which school your child will need to register with. Parents will likely need to fill out a ton of paperwork and have the children visit the doctor for a physical and updated shots.

It can be difficult switching schools, especially if it’s mid-year. So, work closely with the guidance counselor to ensure your child has an easier time transitioning.

Finding Employment

Unless you’ve relocated for a job or you found gainful employment in advance you’ll need to find a job in your new town. Make sure that you use job search tips like creating a professional social media account, researching companies in the area, attending local networking events, and potentially seeking the help of a recruiter from the area to help you get your foot in the door a little faster.

Making Your House a Home

Can you believe that after all of that running around you still have things to do after the move? One of the most time-consuming things you’ll have to do is unpack and start making your house a home. Finding a place for everything, figuring out the style, tone, and décor, and filling the space with memories can take years to finish, but the sooner you start, the better.

There’s a lot to moving that you probably never even thought of. While it can take a lot of planning before the move, getting comfortable and acquainted after takes just as much energy. Fortunately, many of the above-mentioned tasks can be completed online saving you time. Though getting adjusted to your new home and city can take some time, in the end, it will all be worth it.



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