Children, Medicaid & Autism: State-by-State Guide

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Femme Frugality will be hosting a series of Friday articles that focus on the financial challenges and triumphs that people with autism face and achieve. When they are children, these things also tend to affect their family’s finances, as well.   When you’re raising an autistic child, the largest Continue Reading »

How Can Print Marketing Help Build More Income For Your New Business?

This post is brought to you and contributed by an outside writer. Around 7% to 8% of your gross budget should be spent on marketing, according to The Small Business Administration. This is because new businesses have the challenging task of building their brand, connecting with an audience, and establishing trust. As noted by Crowd Favorite, Continue Reading »

Read Across the Spectrum: Books by Autistic Authors

It’s Friday, so it’s time for another edition of our Friday series for Autism Acceptance month! Acceptance means that not only are you aware of autism, but you appreciate all the beauty Autistic individuals bring to this world. You not only make yourself aware of the needless systemic obstacles Autistic people face because of the Continue Reading »