Start Saving for Your Child’s College Education Today

Today’s author–Dr. S–is a dad, husband, and finance professor. He discusses personal finance and financial independence on his site, Bull in Captivity.   Making sure that our children start their lives off without financial stress is a goal I can get behind. Turning 18 and jumping into reality is tough enough already. Adding the burden Continue Reading »

How I Save Money by Paying for Amazon Fresh Every Month

Today’s author is Chris from The Master Dukes of Dollars. The Master Dukes of Dollars are the dynamic duo from The Duke of Dollars Kingdom. The two bloggers held court frequently, delving into lifestyle and personal finance discussions as they searched for ways to live an optimal life, eventually deciding to invite a global audience into their mindsets Continue Reading »

How to Invest in ABLE Accounts

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Femme Frugality is running a series of Monday articles focusing on the triumphs and challenges autistic people conquer as related to their finances and careers. Joining us this week is Tara Falcone, CFP®. Falcone is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, former Wall Street analyst, and founder of ReisUP LLC. ReisUP Continue Reading »

Ideas to Save Money on Your Wedding

Today’s author is QL from Smart Money and Travel Blog. She and her husband write about personal finance and maximizing your miles and points.  Our first wedding anniversary is coming up in April and we have recently taken time to reflect on the experience. Back in 2017, we weren’t exactly focused on FIRE (financial independence/early Continue Reading »

Raise Money-Conscious Teens

Today’s post comes to you from the ladies of Women Who Money! Amy is the co-founder of Women Who Money and the founder and blogger behind Life Zemplified. She enjoys writing about mindful spending and saving, retirement planning, and financial independence. Vicki is the co-founder of Women Who Money and the founder and blogger behind Make Smarter Decisions. She enjoys writing about Continue Reading »