My Favorite Wedding Marketing Ever – Marriott Courtyard Pittsburgh Airport

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Whenever you get married, there are people trying to throw “free” things at you the second you sign up for any type of mailing list at David’s Bridal.  I got some free earrings around Christmas time.  All I had to do was nod as they showed me their crazily over priced wedding bands.  We got a free $100 restaurant gift card after we shelled out hundreds on tuxes.  But my favorite free thing that we got by far was something a little less conventional:  a hotel room.

The Marriott Courtyard Pittsburgh Airport called me up, relaying they were partners with our wedding venue.  They wanted to offer us a free room the night of our wedding.  I was so skeptical. I thought for sure they were going to ask for my credit card number or tell me I had to buy something, do something.  It turns out I was wrong.  We got a night completely free of charge, no strings attached.

accomplished list

Marriott Courtyard, keeping it positive.


This had nothing to do with my blog, which I’m pretty sure they have no idea exists.  I think the reason they do this is that they are hoping you will book a block of rooms with them for your out-of-town guests.  We had an extremely small wedding and no out-of-town guests.  When I told them this, they were completely fine with it.  The room was still free, and they were still excited to have us.

marriott courtyard pittsburgh airport

And we had a great stay.  It’s not often that I stay in hotels in Pittsburgh.  And it’s even rarer that we stay in a hotel as nice as this one.  Usually when we’ve travelled together in the past we’ve gone all economy.  I think the last wedding we went to we stayed at a Motel 6.  We were only going to be there for one night, and knew we would pretty much just be sleeping there.  When we went to Virginia Beach, we stayed in an older, but amenity-full hotel in the off-season to make the trip possible.  So the Courtyard’s fancy, modern decor kind of made the whole thing seem luxe to us.  It’s not 5-stars, but if we hadn’t gotten our room for free, it would have been affordable.  And clean.  And still the nicest hotel we had ever stayed in together to that date.

marriott pittsburgh airport courtyard bathroom


The lobby was pretty cool.  Funky design.  A continental breakfast that we slept through.  (I think that’s the first time we both slept in since our last child was born.)  There was also some type of snack bar/cafe that was open decently late, but we didn’t have a need to use it.

marriott courtyard pittsburgh airport lobby

There was a deck outside.  It’s not even big enough to set up a chair on, but was still nice to be able to step out and get some fresh air if you wanted to.  There’s free wi-fi throughout, and if you’re coming from or going to the airport you can arrange for a complementary shuttle.  Which is nice, because even though a lot of hotels in the Pittsburgh area are labelled “airport,” they’re actually a fair number of miles away.

pittsburgh courtyard marriott airport


Have you ever stayed at a hotel in your hometown?

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Wedding Marketing Ever – Marriott Courtyard Pittsburgh Airport

  1. Andrew@livingrichcheaply

    Pretty cool that you got a free hotel stay there on your wedding night. I’ve never stayed at a hotel in my hometown, but I know people who have done it. I live in NYC (more specifically Queens). Some people love Manhattan and staying in a hotel overnight there after going to a Broadway show, dinner and drinks is like a mini vacation for them. I’ve considered doing that…but only if I can use rewards points and it was a good deal.

    1. femmefrugality

      That sounds like a good plan with the rewards card! I’m always amazed at how big NYC is for such a small geographical area…..a mini vacay in your own city!

  2. Mel

    That seems so cool that they offer you a free room for the night! I’ve never stayed in a hotel in my hometown, but I stayed in a ton traveling around the country last year and you’re right, Marriott Courtyards are pretty awesome. We only stayed in them if there were no cheaper options around, but they were all really nice.

  3. Suburban Finance

    That’s really cool! Lucky you. I’ve never stayed at a hotel in my hometown, I feel like it’s kind of a waste of money if I have to pay out of my own pocket haha. But of course I won’t say no if I can stay for free, especially at a nice place like this 😀


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