Mother’s Day for Daddies

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Ironically enough, this post will probably be most helpful to the Daddies out there.  I’ve been pinning it up and here are some of my favorite Mother’s Day ideas:

Pamper Her
DIY foot baths at Martha Stewart


DIY Bath Fizzies at Elle Sees


Feed Her
Strawberry Heart French Toast at Sweet Life Bake


Blueberry Breakfast Cake at
Alexandra Cooks
Force the Kids to Make Her Stuff
Button Bracelet at Disney Family Fun
Flower Mosaics at Sweet and Lovely Crafts


Get Her Drunk But Be Cute About It
Johanna Goddard shares how she created
these amazing wine labels



23 thoughts on “Mother’s Day for Daddies

    1. femmefrugality

      I think so, too. Sometimes DIY costs can get out of hand, but I liked these because there’s probably at least one of them that everyone could do without going to the store to buy the “stuff” to make it.

  1. Anthony Thompson

    The mom that’s lucky enough to get any of these treats will have a really enjoyable day. These are some absolutely great Mother’s Day ideas that Daddies can do inexpensively.

  2. ERIKA

    I love the bath fizzies!! I’m not a mom… but I still want to send these to my BF. I have a dog, so that kinda counts? Lol

  3. Michelle

    I’m now craving strawberry pancakes…mmmm! My husband asked me today what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I didn’t know what to say. We have no money…how could I possibly ask for anything? A foot bath followed by a massage and some adorable kiddo artwork sounds pretty phenom to me!

  4. Miss Caitlin S.

    hahah get her drunk but be cute about it. that’s funny. I love the idea of a baked item- especially the pancakes. Very sweet to put thought into breakfast and give it to someone with a fresh cup of coffee- I love that!

  5. Diane

    Great post! I am hosting my 3rd blog hop today and would love you to link up. Have a wonderful day. Diane @

  6. femmefrugality

    So awesome! I need to go out and get some buttermilk and then I’m set to make it. Or have someone make it for me…. :p
    I know! That wine bottle is amazing!


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