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It’s been a while since I shared the husband’s ideas for my blog.  In fact, last time he was still my fiance.  He was supposed to help me write a post this summer on the financial and gaming benefits purchasing a PS3 over a PS4.  But then when I asked him about it, I got shut down:

“It’s not MY job to write articles for YOUR blog.  I have enough writing to do during the school year.  It’s summer.  I have Final Fantasy to play.”

And I don’t blame him.  He pretty much went a year without playing video games during his first year at college.  So if that’s what he wants to do after the kids are asleep, more power to him.

I don’t have game system bargain tips to share, but I do have some other ideas he’s thrown at me over the past several months.  If you’ve never read one of these posts before, his ideas are usually not advisable to follow in real life.  Some are creative, but most he comes up with just to make me laugh.

1.  The Californian Basement-Dweller

We were discussing the Californian economy, and how although prices are higher, people generally make more money, somewhat equaling it out.  (Somewhat.  Pittsburgh is still one of the most affordable cities in the country taking into account local economy.)

So his grand idea is this:  grow up in California.  Live in your parents’ basement for years, even after getting a “real job.”  Then, move almost anywhere else in the country.  Now you’re rich.

Please feel free to point out the numerous holes in this plan. 🙂

2.  Wife, you don’t need Philosophy lotion.

For my birthday, all I really wanted was a purse-size bottle of Philosophy lotion.  One of the fun scents, not purfumey.  Didn’t think to look on Amazon, so we scoured TJ Maxx, Ulta and Sephora.  I came up empty handed, but that didn’t stop him from balking at the prices.  I have a huge thing of plain old moisturizing lotion from the grocery store that I use for my face.  So he called me out.

“You say you’re frugal.  And you want to be green so bad.  So why don’t you just wash out your old bottle and fill it with the grocery store stuff.  You’ll be saving the planet and money.”

Because it was my birthday, dammit.

3.  Recycling really is making a difference.

recycling haul

Our most recent haul.

We started recycling a few months ago.  A couple of weeks ago, the night after we took a huge pile of blue bags to the curb, he looked at me and said, “You know what?  That was a lot of recycling.  It really does make a difference.  We used to just throw all that away and send it to the dump.  Imagine if everyone on our street did that.  It would be insane.”  We can see probably about 25 other residences from our home.  Only 2 others regularly put out recycling.  He has a point.

Then he told me I should blog about that.  So here we are.

4.  Invest in Something You Can Touch.

He’s got a bunch of opinions about the Fed and how they manipulate our money.  For that reason, he doesn’t trust the stock market.  He recognizes that a 401k or IRA is one of the best ways to save for retirement, in all seriousness.

But being serious would be no fun.  His advice?  Invest in physical items.  No, not real estate.  Things like statues.  And art.  And guitars.  The only logical explanation I was able to get out of him was the guitars.  He said you could buy one for $600, get someone famous to sign it, and then sell it for a lot more with a great ROI.

I have no idea how you’re supposed to flip a statue.

5. Become a sugar baby…in so many words.

And the crowning piece of financial advice from my husband: “If you want to get rich, here’s what you’ve got to do.  Get in with some rich people.  Get them to like you.  And be beautiful.”

That’s the Reader’s Digest, and clean, version of this one.  I won’t go into the conversation that ensued.  Let’s just say it was a bitter rant on his part, and that even he couldn’t keep up the farce of believing what he was saying.

For real, though…

These posts are fun.  But I don’t want to represent my husband as a financial idiot.  He’s one of the most hard-working and responsible people I’ve ever known.  He’s smart, and manages his money in accordance with that trait.  Those are some of the reasons I’ve fallen for him, but the other is that he makes me laugh.  So when I’m stressing out, trying to brainstorm content ideas, he throws things like this at me.  To help me realize that sometimes, it’s okay to just laugh.

Plus I’m pretty sure he’ll eventually buy me that Philosophy lotion.

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24 thoughts on “Money Tips From Mon Mari Frugality

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Truth! Like the conundrum of Lush’s minimal packaging…only lasts as long as there aren’t consumers. The only thing I can say to defend his point is that I’m going to buy the face lotion anyways, so that packaging is going to be used regardless, but still.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Not a bad idea! Depending on the metro (or lack there of) you could have all kinds of house/land.

  1. Kalen

    These are great! HAHA. I too have no idea how you would flip a statue, but I would be willing to try. Your husband sounds like basically all of my friends. I bet I would like him. lol. This made me laugh; thanks for posting it!

  2. Mrs. Frugalwoods

    Hah! That cracked me up! Reminds me of some of the conversations my husband and I have about blog ideas. I made a list one night as we were chatting and eating dinner and, as the evening went on, and more wine was consumed, the ideas got wackier and wackier. Pretty sure the last one on the list was “Don’t shower for a month to save money & write about it.” Uh, no 🙂 Thanks for sharing these!

  3. donebyforty

    I want to hang out with your husband. Put in a good word for me?

    The California basement dweller plan works well if you have the patience to stay there until your parents die. I have an old coworker who was, no joke, doing just that. He was in his fifties when I left the company, still living in his childhood bedroom. Amazingly, he was still single. But driving a Mercedes since, you know, he had no rent.

    Inherited wealth (typically from your parents’ home, which has mysteriously gained multiple six figures) is a great way to get a head start. Financial Samurai wrote about this a few months ago, I think.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Wow! I don’t think he was going to try to outstay his parents in this hypothetical, but I can’t believe that guy! Wonder he was single. Ha. Inheritance is nice, but I don’t know too many who can bank on it.

  4. debt debs

    Pretty funny! Seriously, only 10% of people recycle? I thought people paid per garbage bag there which would be an incentive to recycle, but maybe it’s not in every state. We don’t pay per garbage bag but probably recycle about 80% here. I’m wondering why the difference.

    Now here’s a dumb question that I never thought of until now. When you put money in your 401K, what is it invested in? Can you not have it invested in the stock market? I just assumed it was the same as our Registered RRSP’s here – where you can choose money market, CD, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, or stocks to invest your funds. It was your comment in point 4 about your husband preferring 401K to the stock market that got me thinking about this.

    1. femmefrugality

      In my neighborhood, yes. But we don’t pay per bag. Pennsylvania is relatively unique in that it’s a commonwealth, so many services are run by townships. Some townships have special cans, some say only two cans, etc. Other states I’ve lived in have had dumpsters in my apartment complexes, so I can’t speak for those. 🙂 Most townships have services set up for curbside recycling, but not all.

      And you totally can invest in stocks; his common sense versus his conspiracy theories just contradict each other.

  5. Alexis

    The family I live with now recycles and they accumulate almost no trash each week. They only take their trash out once a month which saves so much room and money as well.

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  7. Messy Money

    Ha! My husband is a recycling maniac (don’t get me wrong -it’s a good thing) and it leads to some petty debates about what can be recycled and what can’t. Maybe I’ll get my kids to write a blog post on money management – I bet they have some pretty good ideas. Hubby – is good with money but some of this blog suggestions would be along the lines of flipping a statue.

  8. Sonya K

    We have more recycling than we do trash. I’m happy that we finally got curb side recycling a few years ago, because it sucked hauling stuff to the recycling site.

  9. catherine gacad

    i actually agree with #1, especially since i’m a californian. it’s insanity what we pay here for rent, homes, etc., but i do believe we have higher salaries. i often joke that for the equivalent of a down payment here in SF, i can write a check for the full-price of homes all across the country.


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