Mom Autism Money: A Week of Giveaways

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Silohette art of a group of women. Beneath reads 'Mom Autism Money: Growing Wealth and Family'

Big news!

The Mom Autism Money podcast officially launches on October 19!

To celebrate, we’re hosting a series of giveaways leading up to the big day.

Here’s the schedule.

Opens Tuesday 10/5

Inside a sturdy, hinge-topped steel container is a stack of cards. The card on top reads '$martCards for future millionaires. Helping the next generation learn the language of money.' Displayed in front are four of the cards in bright colors, highlighting credit repair, bonds, assets and compound interest.

Giveaway item: $martCards from The Master Playbook
Dates: Giveaway open from 10/5/2021 through 10/12/2021
Where to enter: This giveaway is live!

Opens Wednesday 10/6

Giveaway item: Signed, paperback copy of The Feminist Financial Handbook
Dates: Giveaway open from 10/6/2021 through 10/13/2021
Where to enter: This giveaway is live!

Opens Thursday 10/7

Giveaway item: Paperback copy of Sincerely, Your Autistic Child
Dates: Giveaway open from 10/7/2021 to 10/14/2021
Where to enter: This giveaway is live!

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