Mixing It Up–Random and Cheap Events

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Last week there were a couple of posts about happiness; one of them talked about how doing new things can make you happier.  So here’s some new things in the Pittsburgh area you can try out—super low cost.

Let’s Get Physical

Dancing Girls

Every Friday and Saturday night Saddle Ridge in Station Square hosts free line dancing lessons from 7:30-9:00 PM.  I think line dancing is the only type of dancing I’m any good at.  And it’s still really embarrassing.  Would definitely be forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone!

Get Nerdy

Nerd Up!

Friday and Saturday nights the Carnegie Science Center hosts SkyWatch.  As long as the skies are clear, $1 will get you a chance to look up at the skies through a crazy nice telescope along with some experts standing by to tell you what the heck you’re looking at.  It starts at 8PM this month, but at different times depending on what time of year you are going, so make sure to call their hotline before you head out:  (412) 237-3327

More Info at their Website

Get Funny

Every Monday the Steel City Improv Theater puts on a free show at 8PM.  Get this:  every Saturday they put on a free show that YOU CAN SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE IN.  Sign-up starts at 6:15, and the show starts at 6:30.  Don’t want to jump up on stage?  That’s okay.  You can just watch.

More Info at their Website

10 thoughts on “Mixing It Up–Random and Cheap Events

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  2. Meredith

    Can I want to do all of these things? Line dancing so funny, rocking out my inner nerd so natural, and laughing? I’m completely on board. Great suggestions!

  3. AverageJoe

    I’ll bet CM has some pretty cool stuff often. I think the comedy night would be great…either people are really funny or they’re so NOT FUNNY that it’s a train wreck…which is still pretty damned funny.

  4. jlcollinsnh

    the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce, if they haven’t already, should be honoring you at an awards dinner.

    just read an article touting your town as the 11th best city in the country. soon I’ll be packing my bags….


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