Memorable Marketing 101

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Today I have a special treat for all the bloggers out there.  Or just anyone who owns a business or has a vested interest in marketing.  The following infographic goes over some memorable marketing tips and facts in a fun way!

First is picking the colors that will define your brand.  I accidentally picked purple and green when I moved over to WordPress last year, but they’re pretty spot on with the values I’d like associated with Femme Frugality.  Though maybe I should add some blue!

Next up is the importance of social media.  Which we’re all very aware of.  There were some numbers that surprised me, though.  Like the fact that only 50% of Pinterest users have children.  It must be the people I follow, because it seems like most of the time my feed is filled up with kids’ crafts.  Which is 100% fine with me.  We love crafts.  But my feed is not representative of the hard numbers.

There’s also the fact that when consumers engage with a brand on social media, they’re spending 20-40% more.  Those are numbers worth paying attention to.

And finally, we look at using promotional products to market your business.  I know I keep about 60% of the stuff I get in swag bags.  And honestly, the infographic couldn’t be more true for me.  If I get a piece of paper with your business’s info on it, I’m likely going to glance over it before throwing it into recycling.  But give me something I can use?  I’ll be drinking out of your company’s coffee mug for the rest of my adult life.  And probably be curious enough to search what you’re all about online.  And then, if you’re awesome, I’ll look into buying what you’re selling.

Let me know what you think after looking it over!  Do your colors match what you’d like your brand to be known for?  Did any of the social media numbers surprise you?  What do you do with promotional products?  Should I start printing up some Femme Frugality t-shirts? 🙂

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