Ticks, Income Goal Updates & Awards

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I have so many posts bouncing around in my head ready to write for you guys. There’s so much I want to tell you, so many ideas I want to bounce off of you and so many new things I’m learning about that I can’t wait to share.

But I’ve been a little off kilter lately.

Lyme Disease

I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease. So I’ve been incredibly tired, among other symptoms. All those symptoms have kept me from getting things done the way I wanted to after I got home from some recent travels, which I swear I will tell you about soon.

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about long-term. They caught it super early and I’ve been religious about taking the meds. I should know in a couple weeks just based on the way I feel, but I will of course pursue lab testing, too, to ensure it’s gone.

Income Chart Update

Last month I showed you my new income charts with ambitious goals. If you remember, in June I did quite well, falling just short of my pie-in-the-sky goal.

My goal for July was a bit more ambitious–mostly because I accidentally drew too many boxes. Here’s how I did:

Womp, womp.

So I didn’t quite reach it. Which I realize looks *real* great when displayed within those now-ironically confident Cardi B lyrics.

But I didn’t do horribly. It’s still higher than my monthly average was before. Just not as crazy great as June. This is freelancing. Ups and downs are natural.

For August, I counted the boxes right and am injecting some Beyonce into my motivational progress chart:

Note: Not actually seeking any type of revenge for anything. ATM.


This weekend I received some great news. Thanks to all of you who voted, The Feminist Financial Handbook has been nominated as a Plutus finalist for Best New Personal Finance Book. I cannot tell you how immensely grateful I am–THANK YOU!

I was honored to see that the Intersectional Finances series was once against nominated as a finalist for Best Series: Blog, Podcast or Video. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, you should know it is not written by me. Instead, it is written entirely by a group of phenomenal contributors. Go check it out and then check out more of these writers’ work.

If you’d like to contribute to the award-nominated series, get in touch. Submissions are open and rolling!

I also received another piece of news I wasn’t expecting: I was nominated for the Biggest Impact Award, which is a new Plutus category this year. Completely humbled to be up there with a group of such great women! And yes–all the nominees are women!

To check out all the phenomenal nominees across all categories, visit the Plutus Awards Finalists page!

Don’t-Miss Live Events

Don’t forget to check out the live events I’ve got coming around the corner. I’ll be in Boise, DC and anywhere you can get online. Let me know if you’d like me to come to a city near you!

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4 thoughts on “Ticks, Income Goal Updates & Awards

  1. Done by Forty

    Congratulations on the Plutus nomination but I’m sorry to hear about the Lyme disease, friend. That can be scary stuff so I’m glad you were able to catch it early. Fingers crossed.


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