I Refuse to Wear Mom Jeans

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Dear Fashion Industry,

I don’t care how much you try to push them on me; I will not wear mom jeans.  Just like I refused to wear skinny jeans when you brought those back a couple of years ago.  I distinctly remember a conversation in high school where everyone in the classroom agreed that skinny jeans looked good on no one.  Then a few short years later, I was facebook stalking them and they were all wearing skinny jeans.  They didn’t look good.

But they sure did look trendy.

I just don’t get why people want
to make their legs look shorter.

So now you’re making mom jeans trendy.  They look okay on people who have flat abs and/or eating disorders, but for the rest of us women (ie your biggest demographic) they look horrible.  And are terribly uncomfortable.  And this time around some of you have decided to make them even worse by plastering them with matronly floral prints.

You call this cool.

Community Board Mtg. Tonight!
Hipster, you’re going to look back on this in
twenty years and say, “What the hell was I
thinking?”  You’re a beautiful woman, but a slave
an ugly trend.

I call it hideous.

But this whole letter is like an atheist praying; you know I’m not going to come into your shops and buy the super trendy stuff.  I buy normal looking clothes that don’t go out of style season to season.  That way I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars each time the seasons change and you decide to start some new ridiculous fad.

Mom jeans.  Really?

Yours sincerely,

P.S.  I freaking love Ellen.

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21 thoughts on “I Refuse to Wear Mom Jeans

    1. femmefrugality

      Super jealous of your flat stomach! And skinny jeans to me are acceptable in two situations: with boots and if you’re lucky enough to have legs that just won’t quit. But I’m no fashionista and understand that I’m probably in the minority on a lot of my fashion opinions. 🙂 The pockets are sooo weird!

  1. Ms. S

    LOLOL…. I have skinny jeans! Love um. But there is absolutely no way to make my long legs look shorter. =)

    Now the mom jeans, I’m with you on that one. No ma’am.

    A&F, I could say a lot about that store, their clothes and marketing but why waste the characters. sigh…

    Love Ellen!

  2. Budget and the Beach

    Mom jeans more so than skinny jeans (although I don’t wear them myself) are just god awful. My mom wears them and it makes her look like she has a big stomach and no ass. I guess at her age she just doesn’t care. lol!

  3. canadianbudgetbinder

    I had no idea what “Mom Jeans” were. I’ve heard of skinny jeans but I don’t like them at all and would never wear them as a guy. I am picky about my jeans and that’s one thing I won’t buy second-hand and will pay money for. The wife on the other hand she doesn’t mind but she doesn’t like the look of skinny jeans either.

    1. femmefrugality

      I think girls have more options as far as jeans go. At least in my joint-shopping experience. We have a pretty large selection of mid-grade, but when I go shopping with my fiance it seems like the options are high quality or cheap without much middle ground.

  4. Mo Money Mo Houses

    I remember when I refused to buy flared jeans because I thought they were a trend that wouldn’t last and they lasted like 5 or 7 years. Then same with skinny jeans, it took a while for me to get on that bandwagon. Mom jeans though, not happening.

  5. Shannon @ The Heavy Purse

    LOL! Agree – Mom jeans give Moms a bad name! I know fashions recycle, but mom jeans didn’t need to come back! Although I do know some people who never stopped wearing from when they were originally in style. Yikes!

  6. Monica

    I am right there with you!! Mom jeans are a big no..but the skinny jeans cuffed at the ankle that everyone seems to rock this days is quite possibly the most unflattering look on my every! Anti skinny/mom jeans unite!

  7. Tania

    I like skinny jeans when I’m skinny (which I’m not right now) but you can’t wear them as merely a substitute for your boot cut jeans and pair the exact same tops you would with other jeans. I would never wear a button down as in the first pic for example. I wore mine with floaty tops, a cropped jacket and booties.

    I can’t even fit into mom jeans. It’s nearly impossible to find a jean that fits my butt and waist. I do the rolled up baggy boyfriend thing alot or a bootcut, below the belly button but not too much lower.


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