How to See Movies for Free. In the Theater. Before they Come Out.

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So I’ve written about my love for Becky and all the awesome stuff she tells me before.  This is also something she told me about.  A while ago, actually.  Sorry, Becky.  I just wanted to check it out first so I could write knowledgeably about it.  And, you know, the holidays…

What Becky Taught Me This Time

Becky taught me how to see movies in the theater.  For free.  Before they come out.  Pre-screenings.  It all starts at  They give out free passes to these events.  After I used mine, I was talking to a friend who had used this same service to see a trailer for the new Batman movie a few months ago.  Yay!  So you go to their website and sign up for a free account.  Then you click on the first tab across the top of the website:  screenings.  Type in your zip code and it will bring up all the free screenings in your area.

There are two types of screenings:  open screenings and private screenings.  With your free account, you can go to open screenings.  To go to private screenings you need codes that you get from winning radio contests or being a member of the press or something like that.  If you live in a rural area, I would check to see if they even offer screenings in your area before you sign up for an account.  There’s no harm in doing it, but why waste your time?

You’re going to click on the open screening to see exactly where/when it is.  Then you’re going to get your passes, if they’re not already “sold out.”  It’ll guide you through a process to get your tickets, maybe asking  you to reaffirm account information and absolutely to specify how many tickets you would like.  Then you can print out your tickets.  Or print them out later as they will be emailed to you.

When you go…SHOW UP EARLY.  They purposely overbook these screenings, so if there are no more seats you’re out of luck.  Your pass acts as a ticket, so you don’t even have to stand in the ticketing line, just show your pass to the ticket checker.

My Experience with Man On A Ledge

We were pushing it a little on time.  We got there ten or fifteen minutes early and were lucky to find two seats together in the second row.  I didn’t mind.  But if you do, get your butt there even earlier.

We went to South Side Works Theater.  And got AMAZING service.  I haven’t seen people care (or even just pretend to care) about their jobs like that in a while.  There was one family with 7 bags of popcorn, and the concession clerk helped the parents carry all this food in to their family who was saving their seats.  I felt like someone needed to give him a gold star.

There was a manager who greeted the whole theater and went over rules.  Like no talking on cell phones.  Period.  For any reason.  If they saw a cell phone out they had this muscle guy who was supposed to escort you out.  Our theater got through the movie drama free.  Go us.

The movie itself was really good.  I’m not going to lie and say it was the best movie I’ve ever seen, but the plot in particular was really good and original.  If you like thrillers/bank heist movies you’ll love it.  To me, the biggest name in it was Elizabeth Banks.  The main character from Avatar was the main character in this, too. He’s great; he just let his Australian accent slip a couple of times.  🙂

Cheapie Theater Alert for Pittsburghers

The last time I went to the movies I wrote about a theater that has a great deal in the South Hills.  This time around, I found out you can go see any movie at the South Side Works on Mondays for $5.  Not bad.  And if you buy a popcorn that night you get a free drink.  And on Tuesdays you get $1 popcorn, and it’s not a toddler sized bag.  Just thought I’d let you know.
*UPDATE*  Another reader let  me know that the Pittsburgh Mills also has a $5 night…it’s on Tuesdays.  Thank you!!!  I knew there had to be something north of the city!

10 thoughts on “How to See Movies for Free. In the Theater. Before they Come Out.

  1. femmefrugality

    @tinysarah–Hopefully they’ll expand!
    @Juan–Agreed. I just can’t stomach it. I’d rather do something worth $12 than sit my butt in a chair and watch a movie I’ll be able to watch on NetFlix for free evnetually. It was really fun to have a free night out, so I’m glad they do this!

  2. femmefrugality

    @Miss T…it would be nice if they expanded! That’s really neat that you’ve gotten to go to premier screenings…this was my first experience of the kind.
    @Julia–No problem! Look forward to reading more from you! 🙂


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