How to Make Sensory Bottles

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Paper Bottles
You will need:
-a bottle
-different color paper or cardstock
Cut the paper up into squares and put them into the bottle.  Glue the cap on so little ones can’t get to the inner contents.  DONE.  For added interest, you could glue pictures of family or friends onto some of the squares.
Glitter Water Bottles
You will need:
-a bottle
-tap water
-a few drops of whatever color food dye
-glitter (I got mine at the reuse store!  Along with the sand for the bottle below.)
Put water glitter and dye into the bottle.  Shake.  Glue the cap on on.  DONE.  (I added a little too much dye.  I tend to overdo things.)
Sand Bottles
You will need:
-a bottle
-a few small toys that will fit into the mouth of the bottle (I had some just lying around.)
-sand.  colored or not.  art grade or natural.  doesn’t really matter.  as long as it is dry.
Put sand and toys into the bottle.  Glue the cap on.  DONE.

Total Spent on all 3 bottles:  $0.90

16 thoughts on “How to Make Sensory Bottles

  1. femmefrugality

    Haha I don’t know about my skills as a photographer or artist, but kids do love these! Especially babies through toddlers. I make them myself, but I guess you could turn it into an art project with the little ones. 🙂


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