How to Buy Whatever You Want Without Any Money

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We’re pretty frugal with our real money.  But with our Swagbucks money, we get whatever we want.  Swagbucks is essentially a search engine that rewards you with Amazon shopping money or other points just for using their search, but you can find a more in depth explanation I did a little while ago here.

We used our Swagbucks Amazon gift cards to buy a lot of stuff for Christmas.  This time around we’re using them to spoil ourselves.


Do you remember that show Legend of the Seeker that was on a couple years ago?  Well, the series was based on these books.  The show lasted two seasons.  The books go on forever.  There’s at least 16 of them or something.  I’m reading the first book.  It’s decent.  Not usually my type of literature, but I was surprised by a couple sections where the author injected an ideology that directly applied to my life.  He says they get better as you go on.  He’s ready for books 7, 8, and 9 apparently.  Was so excited when these came in the mail.


I first saw this on The Jack Chronicles….it’s a Gorillapod Tripod by Joby.  I immediately decided I needed a small, flexible tripod for my camera/video camera.  You can put it anywhere…set it on a desk, curl it around a tree limb….it’s awesome.  And it’s not just for recreational use for me.  I have to shoot myself in a ton of videos for school and will continue to do so even when my training is over and I reenter the workforce.  So it’s a great investment.  Especially since it literally cost me nothing.  Except my Swagbucks.  Which I earned by doing searches I’d be doing anyways.
Do you have Swagbucks?  What’s been your most recent “purchase?”  If you don’t have it, but want to sign up, you can do so by clicking here.  When you sign up that way, I benefit when you earn Swagbucks.  (Meaning when you win Swagbucks through searching so do I.)  Then you can get your own  link to put on facebook or your blog or whatever and you can benefit through your friends signing up, too.  Pretty neat!


17 thoughts on “How to Buy Whatever You Want Without Any Money

  1. shopping2saving

    I should really get back in swagbuckin. I used to do it all the time! I purchased a lot of books and things I’ve needed from Amazon with them. Do you do anything else besides use it to search? It gets pretty tedious since you have to search 3-6 times in order to win a few swagbucks.

    1. femmefrugality

      When I use Swagbucks as my normal search engine I find that they pile up quickly enough. If I got rewarded every 3-6 times I searched on google I’d be good, too. I do also use the coupon section and sometimes I’ll click through the daily NOSO. Boyfriend loves playing the games. He’s really good at that worm one.

  2. Modest Money

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to get around to checking out swagbucks. I see a lot of blogs promoting it. That tripod looks like a pretty awesome score. You can’t argue with free.

  3. WorkSaveLive

    I’m with Jeremy here, I haven’t used Swagbucks and I see everybody talking about it. It always comes down to prioritizing my time though…I wish I had time to look into this but I don’t. Blah, lame excuses!

    haha. I will get around to it eventually. I really like that tripod thingy though. That’s pretty awesome!

  4. femmefrugality

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by and thanks to everyone who started using swagbucks through the button! I totally understand about not having time to check it out, but if you ever do, I have a post on it that I linked to above! It spells things out. Boo on it not being in Canada! And Katie…sometimes I forget, too. Then I go to get something on Amazon. I find out I have a bunch of swag/Amazon rewards cards. And it’s awesome enough to remind me to get going again.

  5. Christa

    I’ve heard the term Swagbucks tossed around quite a bit, but I never looked into it, thinking I’d have to jump through all sorts of hoops. But after your explanation (and the pic of the super-cute tripod), I will be signing up!

  6. More Than Mommies

    Thanks for linking up this week! I really need to get on the ball with my swagbucks. I alays forget to use it for searching. It will take me a while to accrue enough buck for something as cool as what you ended up with!! 🙂

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