How much money did frugality save me in 2011?

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I have absolutely loved writing this blog.  I plan to continue.  It’s forced me to find new ways to save and exposed me to some of my friends’ and readers’ secrets.  Here’s a tally of how I’ve saved using this year’s blog posts.  I’m not going to count health insurance, because I feel like counting it would be cheating for some reason.  I’m not going to count farmers’ markets trips and cooking, because it would be too much math.  So consider these numbers a conservative figure.

1.  Unclaimed Money– Found $100+ for a family member.  Don’t know the exact figure.  It’s none of my business.  So we’ll stick with $100.

2.  Coupons–  My one grocery store keeps track of my savings for the year at the bottom of my receipt.  The savings includes store sales and coupon savings.  I’m going to count them both since a part of using coupons is pairing them with store sales.  Again, conservative number.  I’ve used coupons at other grocery stores, etc.  $588.66

3.  Mailing Media Mail– $30

4.  Geocaching for fun–  I figure we’d spend about $30 on a “cheap” datenight.  We’ve done it twice this year.  So $60 stayed in our pockets.

5.  Resale Baby Stores–  I got paid $38.70 for things I brought in, and in a conservative figure I saved AT LEAST $40 on clothes I bought.  That’s way low.  So $78.70.

6.  Redoing my own Furniture– $250

7.  Harry Potter Savings–  $26 by going to a cheaper theater and winning a contest

8.  Turking–  $5.62

9.  Rolling our own change–  $301

10.  Student Discounts at Museums– $11 saved on two tickets

11.  Negotiating Cable–  $270

12.  Cereal Box Gas Cards– $25

13.  Shutterfly Coupon–  $15

14.  Swagbucks–  $25 in Amazon giftcards that we used on gifts we were going to buy anyways.  Plus a bunch of swagbucks he’s saving up for something crazy.  I don’t even know what.

15.  Receipt Surveys– $1.98 in Subway Cookies and $10 to New York & Company.  $11.98

16.  Taking Care of the Part of the Family w/o Health Insurance– $190

17.  Reselling Groupons–  $33.57

18.  Exercising without the Gym–  $480 on a gym membership

19.  Cut Car Insurance Rates–  $70 for the last two months of the year.

20.  DIY Christmas Gifts–  I figure you spend about $20 on an average gift.  Spent $6 total on these.  So $36 savings.

21.  Selling on Amazon– $19.75

22.  Decorating for Christmas–  Saved $50 by buying a tree in the city instead of the suburbs.  Sold a fake tree on craigslist for $15. Grand total: $65

23. Selling on eBay–  $12.07

24.  Using Gift Cards Creatively–  $54 towards gifts for others

25.  Buying Textbooks Online–  $42 on a singular book.

our frugality in 2011 is worth
(or more)
Not a bad number.  Especially when you consider that it’s rounded down significantly.  It didn’t make us rich beyond our wildest dreams.  We didn’t put aside the money we would have spent to invest or anything like that.  Our savings helped us get by.  It’s been totally worth it.  I don’t feel like we missed out on too much 2011 had to offer us.  Next year, I hope income is a little better, but as long as we make it through the year healthy, happy, and full of good memories, I’ll be satisfied.

12 thoughts on “How much money did frugality save me in 2011?

  1. Christa

    Great job! I love your attitude about using the money to get through the year healthily and happily — definitely the most important aspect of savings! 🙂

  2. femmefrugality

    @Elle–Very cool! I look forward to reading about it!
    @Christa–Thanks! I think it’s easy sometimes to get caught up in the math of it all and forget the underlying reason we’re all doing it: to enjoy life more.

  3. femmefrugality

    That’s great to hear! I’m always surprised to check who my audience is on my stats…it must be somewhat translatable based on the visitors from outside the US, but it’s good to hear that from someone who actually knows 🙂

  4. tinysarah

    I lurrrve that you kept such a detailed record! I wish we had more coupon potential in Canada. I would totally be one of those crazy people with a stockpile and hoard cat food despite not actually owning a cat.

    (Or maybe not. But it would be nice to save a few extra bucks…)… ;)!

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