How Cable Saved Me Money

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I called to cancel cable.  I really did.  But this was the conversation that ensued:

“Hello, this is blahblahblah from the Customer Loyalty Program.  How can I help you today femmefrugality?”
“I’m calling to cancel my cable, but I want to keep my internet.”
“Okay.  I can help you with that.  If you don’t mind me asking, why would you like to cancel this service?”
“It costs more money than I can afford to pay.”
“Well, we could cancel your cable subscription.  There is a $12 fee for our people to come out and turn it off and collect all that equipment.  But I would, of course, waive that for you.  But here’s what I would suggest:  we could downgrade to the economy package.  You’d lose all your sports programming (which is all we want cable for anyways)but you’d still get channels like Lifetime (gag.)  And since you’d be keeping your internet it would only be $66.  If you only get the internet it’s $60.”
“Hmmm…do you have anything smaller and less expensive than the economy package?  Like just basic cable?”
“Well…” he paused with obvious reluctance, “you could get the basic cable package.  But you’ll only get the channels under 20.”
“And how much cheaper is that than the economy package?”
Another pause.
“So when I bundled it with my internet it would only be $56 a month?”
“That’s correct.  But you’d really be losing a lot of programming for a minimal amount of money.”
“I understand.  And I really appreciate all your help.  But I think that might be best for us.  Our budget is really tight right now.”
“Okay.  Let me get that set up for you…”
Awwww.  Sad cable representative.  Although I do take some sick joy in that, the real point of the story here is that by asking specific questions and bundling, I am saving $4 a month by getting basic cable.  Score.
How were we going to get by without…anything?  And now with minimal programming?  Hulu.  Netflix.  DVDs. The options are limitless and growing everyday.
I can’t go without mentioning another way to save on internet, as shared by Holly:  talk to your neighbors about sharing internet access.  She gets hers for about $10/month.

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8 thoughts on “How Cable Saved Me Money

  1. ~Carla~

    We pay a small fortune for our cable but still really get a good deal. We get the ultimates sports pkg. *free* for a year for hubby since we’re apparently good customers & bundle everything through them.

  2. femmefrugality

    That’s amazing. Ours was decently cheap for a year. But cheap in the world of cable bills was just getting to be way too much for us. Good for you guys! And I would fight for that when that year renews…those customer loyalty programs they have set up are no joke…they’ll do what it takes to keep your patronage.

  3. Michelle P

    Our cable bill is high (at least we think it is), but I know so many people who have bills so much higher than us. Ours just increased to $76 a month, but I’m starting to think it’s not worth it. However, I will NEVER cancel it. I love my HBO too much.

  4. femmefrugality

    Holy moly! You are getting a great deal! Does that include internet? We’re disappointed to miss Game of Thrones on HBO when it comes back on. We’ll figure out another way to see it, though. That show is like a car wreck. There’s so many disgusting themes, but we can’t help but look, anyways.

  5. Lindy Mint

    We were paying $100 a month for cable. We looked at all the smaller packages, even basic cable, and decided we could get by without it. We bought apple TV and now purchase our favorite series that way, and the kids watch exclusively through Netflix. You can get HBO shows through apple TV, but only after the series finale.

    Do you have any loving family members who pay for HBO and aren’t internet savvy? You could see about hijacking their HBO go account…

  6. femmefrugality

    Yeah, I wouldn’t even be doing basic anymore unless it was saving me money on my internet bill. There’s so many other outlets.

    Um, fantastic hint about the HBO go account….I might have to check that out…

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      We don’t. Largely. That was the most painful thing. We still get all of our Steelers games, but for Pirates and Penguins games we rely largely on radio when we can’t get to a friend’s house to watch a game. It is a sacrifice, but two and a half year’s later the thousands of dollars in savings have proved worth it.


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