How Affordable Online Courses Changed Education

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In Australia, going to college is a luxury. Not only do you have to spend a lot of money in tuition fees and books, you also have to pay for your lodging, food, and transportation. This can get out of hand, particularly if you live far away from the university or college of your choice. With the emergence of the internet, education through online courses is becoming a smarter choice for everyone. For just the fraction of the price of going to a traditional college, several educational institutions offer crash courses at the comfort of your own home.

With several online courses Australia has got to offer, you have a fairly large number of choices. Not only will you save on unnecessary expense, you also get to have a diploma at a shorter time as compared to a traditional college education. By taking up an online course you may be able to get a diploma for as little as a year, while with traditional education you usually get one after four years. Imagine the cost you could incur in all those four years, not just in tuition fees but also on living expenses.

Advantages of Taking up Online Courses Instead of Traditional Education

  1. There is a variety of courses for everyone. Unlike several years ago when online courses offered are usually on niche professions such as foreign languages, online education nowadays includes an array of courses as wide as traditional education. From community service works to business education, there are now online courses for any career you can imagine.
  2. Lower costs. Traditional colleges can be quite expensive. From the transportation expenses to the text books required by various classes, these things tend to accumulate into a large sum of money. With online courses, you eliminate all of these, with free text books often offered by the online course itself. Femme’s note to American readers: Totally jealous of the free textbooks in Australia! This does not hold true in the States.
  3. Convenient and flexible education. With online education, you take control of your schedule. You would be able to choose the best time for you to study, and be able to do so anywhere you are. With traditional education, you are required to attend classes, often having to get up early and commuting through traffic on the way there. This likely leads to loss of time for your family and work. Online courses provide education by sending you lectures, guides, and assignments through the internet, which you could read and complete at a time convenient to you.
  4. Easier communication and more interaction. Online courses often encourage more interaction between student and instructor, especially if the students are shy. Students are also able to concentrate more because they are not distracted by other students, helping them understand the lesson better.
  5. Ability to work and study at the same time. With an online education, you would be able to continue working in the profession of your choice while studying for advancement at the same time. Since online courses provide flexibility in time spent studying, you would be able to work your way around your work hours. With online courses, you don’t have to leave your current job to further advance your career with education, which means once you do finish up your online education, you would be able to advance in your current job.



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    1. femmefrugality Post author

      So true! My first foray with online classes was a nightmare, but as they matured and I got used to them, they ended up being a godsend. So much flexibility!


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