Hi! I’m PA Schedule SP, and I can help you get your state taxes refunded.

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pa schedule sp

*Today’s post is brought to you by personification and procrastinators.*

Hi!  I’m Pennsylvania’s tax form Schedule SP.  A lot of people overlook me when they’re doing their state tax returns.  But they shouldn’t!  Because I can help you get anywhere from 10-100% of your state taxes forgiven.  That means if you already paid state taxes throughout the year, I can help you get that money back into your bank account through a refund.

Who I Help

Since I’m your gateway to tax forgiveness, a lot of people think I’m only for poor people.  It’s true, I do help the working poor, but you may be surprised by my wide array of income limits that still make you eligible.  I help people who make anywhere from $6,500/year all the way to $100,750/year.  

For example, if you’re a family of five with both parents married, you can get ALL of your tax money back if you make $41,500.  If you’re not married, I can get you back all that tax money if you alone make $35,000 or less.

But if you make more, I can still help you.  Your family of five can get 10% of your money back if you make up to $43,750 a year if you’re married, or if you’re not married and one of the parents makes up to $37,250 all by themselves!

These numbers vary greatly depending on your marital status and how many kids you have.  To see where you fit in, check out my fun eligibility chart on the state of PA’s website!

I’m easy to fill out.

All you have to do is answer some questions.  You can print me out by downloading me here and find my instructions here.

To convince you how amazing I am, let me tell you about some perks you may not know about:

  • When you’re calculating your income, you don’t have to include combat zone or hazardous duty pay if you’re in the military.
  • Widows don’t have to include any of the income their spouse received in the past year, and only  half of the income they received jointly in both their names.

But there are some things you should include when you’re figuring out your income, things that the state of PA doesn’t tax you on:

  • Grants and scholarships.
  • Payments you received for being a foster parent.
  • Income you received while you lived in another state.

There are more exceptions and benefits, but like I said, my instructions make me really easy to fill out if you just take me line by line, and the payoff can be huge.  Whatever number you have on the State Income Withholding Box of your W-2, that’s potentially what I could put back in your pocket.

Happy tax-filing, and I hope to see you soon!

4 thoughts on “Hi! I’m PA Schedule SP, and I can help you get your state taxes refunded.

  1. Jen @Sprout Wealth

    This is nice, friendly way of persuading people to do their duty where “tax forgiveness” is concerned. I appreciate the way it was explained in a tone that is easy to understand from a layman’s point of view.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Hooray for personification! And I’m all about explaining things so anyone can understand. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. donebyforty

    Really cool angle for the post! First person is more convincing, I think. I’ll be forwarding this to a couple of my friends in the burgh to see if this can help!


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