Groupon’s Freebies Save Mommy Money

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I’m willing to bet you have the Groupon app on your phone.  It’s been downloaded over 80 million times, and 56% of Americans have smartphones.  If you do the math, 80 million would be about 54% of the number of American smartphone users.  You read this blog, so you like saving money.  So I figure the chances are pretty good that you’ve used a Groupon before, bought in front of your PC or on your phone.

I have good news for you: that app just got better.

On June 11, Groupon rolled out their new “Freebies” feature for iOS.  (You can also access it in front of a computer, Apple or not.) Freebies features on-line sales, promo codes, codes for free samples, and, my personal favorite, in-store coupons.

 In-Store Coupons

I get coupons in the mail from BabiesRUs and Toys R Us.  I hardly ever end up using them, though.  They either get lost or I’ll make an impromptu trip with my coupons sitting ready on the counter at home while I’m roaming the aisles.

But in-store coupons accessible on my phone?  I could save trees AND stop cursing myself as I spend 15% more than I had to.  It also allows for even smarter on-line vs. in-person shopping comparisons.  Maybe Amazon has the product for 10% less, but with this in-store coupon I know I don’t have to order on-line and wait for it to ship; I can get it right here and now for cheaper at that 15% off rate.

Sears is a great place to peruse the baby section.  They have a lot of cute stuff for surprisingly affordable prices, and I can use my Kmart ShopYourWay Rewards card there to rack up some points.  But the only in-store coupons they ever send me are for photo portraits.  So finding some in-store coupons on an app is such a major bonus as I can save even more money on things I was going to buy anyways.

Promo Codes

I’ve looked into purchasing the many, many diapers we use at before.  They sell economy-size boxes, but the price-per-unit just never worked out for me.  It always ended up costing just a little bit more than what I’d spend in-store.  But with a promo code I found via Groupon?  It’s about 2 cents cheaper per diaper, which wouldn’t be such a big deal except that I can get them delivered to my door.

On-line Sales

I still don’t completely understand the business model behind Build-A-Bear‘s website.  To me, it seems like the whole point of buying one of their stuffed animals is to give the child the experience of making it themselves.  BUT, if you’re in the store and your child is dressing the doll, you might be able to persuade them to hold off on the teddy-bear-sized accessories until you can order them online, because your Groupon app can now tell you when there’s a super on-line sale on those super small clothes.

Free Samples

From here on out, I’m checking Freebies before I check out every time.  Wherever I shop.  Because a lot of times, there are codes up there for free samples or items with a purchase.  So if there’s something in my cart anyways, I might as well get a free bonus.

And if I see a commercial for something I may want to try?  I can check Freebies first to see if the company has a campaign going on to get a free sample of the product before I buy.  This happens a lot when the company is launching a new product.


As many of you know, I buy my apps via the Android market.  And while I’m over-the-moon happy with my phone, service, and operating system, I am a little jealous that all you iPhone users tend to get apps first.

But I won’t have to wait long.  Groupon will be adding the Freebies feature to the app on the Android market later this summer.  Until then, I’ll just get my Freebies on my PC and glare at you iOS users in envy as you use the app while you’re shopping in the store.


*I have received compensation for this post from Groupon.  Regardless, all opinions are my own.*


12 thoughts on “Groupon’s Freebies Save Mommy Money

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Oh, boo! The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is has the app been updated on your device since June 11?

    2. femmefrugality Post author

      Scratch that. I guess it’s not on the iPad just yet, but you can access it on one by going to Groupon’s website.

  1. joesaulsehy

    Your post reminds me that I have to turn off the automatic notifications for my Groupon app. It goes off constantly with some moronic deal….and it’s usually right in the middle of something important I’m working on….

    Thanks for the diaper advice. Thank god my kids are long-done with them, but in about 45 years when I need them personally I’ll know where to go for a deal! Booyah!

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Ha! I just taught my husband how to do that. Driving with him was getting dangerous with all those notifications for all those apps. Hopefully medicare will cover you for that. I bet they have an app in your head to order them by then. But you’ll have to wait 45 minutes for it to load since it will be a government service.

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  3. thebudgetsandthebees

    This is good to know! I’ve had the app on my iPhone (sorry :-/) for years now, but have gotten out of the habit of checking it so I’m not tempted to buy 10 massages a month. I can’t wait to try out the in-store coupons.

  4. daisyprairieecothrifter

    I have had the Groupon app for a long time and I didn’t know that anything extra was available. I am definitely going to be checking out the deals at every place. It’s also nice to know there are coupons.

  5. catherine gacad

    i unsubscribed to all the deal sites because i felt like i was unnecessarily spending money and then stressing about using them by the expiration date. but this sounds useful.


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