Greater Pittsburgh Movies in the Park 2012

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Summer time means movies in the park, and they start this month!  So excited…a theater experience where you can take little kids and not stress…as much.  🙂  Or you could just take your hunny.  Oh, and they’re free.  I feel like this list is pretty exhaustive, but if there are some more that you know about, please alert me and I will add them to the list.  All movies marked with an asterisk* are part of the Books to Life series coordinated by Allegheny County Parks  Department and fall on Saturdays.  Movies all start at dusk, which I tend to consider between 8 and 9 PM.

Olympic Park Movies in the Overflow
Get comfy, y’all.
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City Parks

Schenley Park (Flagstaff Hill)
Sundays & Wednesdays
This year there will be a concert series before
the movie…7-8PM on Wednesday shows!

June 10-Gnomeo and Juliet
June 17-Jack and Jill
June 20-Men In Black
June 24-Puss in Boots
June 27-Captain America:  The First Avenger
July 1-The Zookeeper
No movie/concert on the fourth
July 8-Hugo
July 11-Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol
July 15-Kung Fu Panda 2
July 18-Thor
July 22-Dolphin Tale
July 25-Twilight-Breaking Dawn Pt. 1
July 29-The Muppets
August 1-Real Steel
August 5-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
August 8-Just Go With It
August 12-The Princess and the Frog
August 15-Super 8
August 19-Happy Feet Two
August 22-Unknown (That’s the name of the movie)
August 26-The Smurfs
August 29-Green Lantern
Arlington Park (Fort Field)
Both shows are on Mondays

June 23-Captain America:  The First Avenger
July 23-Twilight- Breaking Dawn Pt 1
Arsenal Park

June 22-Puss in Boots
June 29-Zookeeper
July 6-Hugo
July 13-Kung Fu Panda 2
July 20-Dolphin Tale
July 27-The Muppets
August 3-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
August 10-The Princess and the Frog
August 17-Happy Feet Two
August 24-The Smurfs
August 31-The Adventures of Tin Tin
Brookline Memorial Park

June 21-Puss in Boots
June 28-Zookeepr
July 5-Hugo
July 12-Kung Fu Panda 2
July 19-Dolphin Tale
July 26-The Muppets
August 2-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
August 9-The Princess and the Frog
August 16-Happy Feet Two
August 23-The Smurfs
August 30-The Adventures of Tin Tin
Grandview Park

June 9-Gnomeo and Juliet
June 23-Puss in Boots
June 30-Zookeeper
July 7-Hugo
July 14-Kung Fu Panda 2
July 21-Dolphin Tale
July 28-The Muppets
August 4-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
August 11-The Princess and the Frog
August 18-Happy Feet Two
August 25-The Smurfs
Highland Park
All three shows are on Mondays
June 18-Puss in Boots
July 16-Dolphin Tale
August 20-The Smurfs
Riverview Park

June 9-Abduction
June 23-Puss in Boots
June 30-Captain America:  The First Avenger
July 7-Hugo
July 14-Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol
July 21-Dolphin Tale
July 28-Twilight- Breaking Dawn Pt. 1
August 4-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
August 11-The Help
August 18-North by Northwest
August 25-Sherlock Holmes:  A Game of Shadows
West End
Elliot Overlook

June 19-Puss in Boots
June 26-Zookeeper
July 3-Hugo
July 10-Kung Fu Panda 2
July 17-Dolphin Tale
July 24-The Muppets
July 31-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
August 7-The Princess and the Frog
August 14-Happy Feet Two
August 21-The Smurfs
August 28-The Adventures of Tin Tin
Movies in the Park in Korea
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North Hills

June 13-Shark Tale
June 27-The Neverending Story
July 18-Puss in Boots
Deer Lakes Park*
Carp Field

June 18-The Adventures of Tin Tin

Harrison Hills*
Soccer Field

August 9-The Wizard of Oz

North Park*

July 12-Sherlock Holmes-A Game of Shadows

South Hills

South Park*

August 2-The Three Musketeers

Round Hill*
Visitor’s Center

July 19-Puss in Boots

Movie in the park
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Monroeville Community Park
Tall Trees Amphitheater
Every Other Sunday
These shows are preceded by musical performances
that begin at 6:30 PM

June 10-Beatlejuice
June 24-We Bought a Zoo
July 15-Marmaduke
July 29-Parent Trap
August 12-Neverending Story

Squaw Valley Park
Every other Tuesday

June 5- The Adventures of Tin Tin
June 19-Spy Kids
July 3-Puss In Boots
July 17-Zookeeper
July 31-Hugo
August 14- Dolphin Tale

Boyce Park*
Four Seasons Lodge

July 26-The Help

White Oak Park*
Poplar 1 Grove

July 5-Captain America:  The First Avenger


Settlers Cabin Park*
Gilbert Love Shelter

June 21-Hugo

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  1. Modest Money

    That’s awesome that they have so many of these free movies in Pittsburgh. I don’t think they do anything like that here in Vancouver. By the way, great work compiling all these showings for all the Pittsburgh peeps.


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