The Globetrotters Are Coming to Pittsburgh: See them and Save

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globetrotters pittsburghIn our house, there’s a word that gets thrown around a lot.

That word is “ball.”

Baseball, football, and, of course, basketball.  We have every version of Little Tikes sports you can imagine, and a lot of it admittedly gets played in the house.  The husband has even started playing YouTube videos full of sports, which keep the kids enthralled long enough for us to do things like call and schedule doctor appointments, get a quick dinner ready, or just take a breath sans fear of getting hit with a projectile.

Recently, one of them went something like this:

And one of the cities they’re coming to is Pittsburgh.  So you know that’s happening.  Seeing the Globetrotters sounds like a ton of fun for me.  For my toddler….I’m a little afraid that they’re going to come home and try to hang upside down from our plastic basketball hoop.  That potential mom-problem aside, I think they’re going to have a blast.

They’ll be at Consol Energy Center on Friday, December 26th.  There’s two games: one at 1PM and another at 6PM.  They’ll be playing their rivals the Washington Generals, so it should be a great game!  I’ll be getting tickets so I can write about the experience. But I’m not going to leave you high and dry.  I’ve got a promo code for you! You can get your tickets here, and use promo code FAMGUIDE to get $7 off your ticket.

(If you’re not in Pittsburgh, the Globetrotters will be playing in a ton of other cities coming up soon here, too.  In fact, the very same day they’re playing in Baltimore and Madison.  They’ve got more skills than I realized.  Wish I could be in three places at once. :p  Super powers or not, it could make a fun experiential Christmas gift!)

4 thoughts on “The Globetrotters Are Coming to Pittsburgh: See them and Save

  1. Monica

    I remember seeing this show as a kid with my brother! We had so much fun and weren’t even basketball fans. I never even though of going with my kiddos but imagine that they would LOVE it.


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