Garden Update!

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The garden’s actually going well!  While the peas are too tall to climb up the fish like I planned, they are climbing up the railing poles.  And I have flowers!  Which I believe means I’ll have peas soon?  Does anyone have any tips for me?  There’s dead leaves on the bottoms of a lot of the plants; are you supposed to pull those off or just let them be?


9 thoughts on “Garden Update!

  1. Ms. S

    They’re growing! Good job to you and that now green thumb of yours. 😉 I know nothing about gardening, so no advice here. Even if I did have advice you should probably do the opposite of anything I say.

  2. Thomas

    Congrats on the garden! I haven’t seen one since my days of growing up in SC. Is that Nemo in the plant pot? I think you can pull of the dead leaves.

    1. femmefrugality

      Haha, I realize that now! I had no idea they were going to get so tall; when they were just spouting out of the soil the fish looked so tall! Thanks for the leaf advice (you too, Thomas!) I think I’ll just leave them be; they’re doing okay for now and I don’t want to accidentally mess something up.


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